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Harvard amazes the world

Yes, the world is agog! Harvard University, that 30-something-billion-dollar repository of political correctness, is sponsoring a conference on feminism that features a genuine diversity of opinion. Amazing, but apparently true. On April 10 and 11–tomorrow and Friday–Harvard will host a conference on “The Legacy and Future of Feminism”–“A Harvard First.” As an advance announcement put it, this is “The Conference that the Radcliffe Institute Didn’t Want to Host.” Among the participants will be Camille Paglia, Harvey Mansfield, Wendy Shalit, and Christina Hoff Sommers. Not only is the event is free and open to the public but–good news!–“Ladies receive and additional 50% off.” Hurry to Cambridge to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! For more information email [email protected]