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Department of shameless self-promotion

The American Enterprise Institute has just announced publication of a new book on Religion and the American Future, edited by Christopher Demuth and Yuval Levin.
20080327_ReligionFuture130.jpg Here’s the official description:

“Religious belief is thriving in America today, even though it seems under assault as seldom before–attacked by secularists, scientists, and increasingly vocal atheists; constrained by judges and civil libertarians; mocked by contemporary artists; and treated pragmatically, if not cynically, by politicians seeking votes. This book explores the enduring strength of religion in American life. Faith and religious observance are not obsolete or incompatible with modern society; on the contrary, the religious principles that guided the Founders continue to bind the nation and justify human endeavor.”

That already sounds good, but wait until you see the list of contributors (ahem)! You can order it direct from AEI here.