Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down That Studio Wall!

Hollywood has made quite a few movies about The Blacklist – that period when Tailgunner Joe McCarthy supposedly wrecked the lives of those nice, liberal writers in the Hollywood Ten. (Actually, he didn’t do it himself and the writers were leftists, not liberals, but those are only two of dozens of pieces of misinformation, large and small, about that era.) And virtually all of those movies work from the same premise – the writers, directors, actors and others targeted by The Blacklist were unfairly accused by near fascistic conservatives.


A rather different view is about to appear in a book coming later this year by John Meroney, a preview of which appeared in last Sunday’s Los Angeles Times. It’s a whole new look at the political evolution of once liberal Ronald Reagan as he learned the evils of communism first inside the movie business. His mentor was evidently Roy M. Brewer, a liberal union chief who was adamantly anti-communist.

There’s more at the article linked above and on a video made for the LAT by Meroney.

I can’t wait to read the book. It may make Woody Allen’s The Front seem funny in a way it was never intended.


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