Bravo for Glenn Reynolds on Arizona Tragedy

Glenn Reynolds’ WSJ piece- The Arizona Tragedy and the Politics of Blood Libel – is a public service at a time when a fair percentage of our supposed liberal intelligentsia appear to be losing their collective minds. The imputation that Sarah Palin is responsible for the actions of a lone psychopath in Arizona is not only ludicrous, it borders on the pathological.


Paranoid schizophrenia – the source of this crime – is one of the most serious of all illnesses, popping up across the world from Finland to Nepal. Catastrophic tragedies such as Tucson tell us nothing about our politics – left, right or center- or even about America itself. They only speak to the human condition. This could happen anywhere – and will…. until medical science advances further into the mysteries of schizophrenia and homo sapien DNA.

BTW, Tucson Sheriff Dupnik is a perfect example of why I left the Left. He is textbook reactionary and a nitwit.


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