The Most Interesting Thing About the SOTU

(AP Photo/Vahid Salemi)

The most interesting thing about the State of the Union – a particularly drab speech by an increasingly drab and peevish man – was the absence of Hillary Clinton from the audience. I know there is an excuse – she had an important meeting in London – but it does seem odd, doesn’t it? Such meetings can usually wait a day when the Secretary of State is involved.


I found the speech itself numbing. I have long since lost interest in listening to Obama who seems such an inauthentic person. He’s rather like watching someone on an infomercial. You glance up to see if you missed anything – maybe a special offer – and then you go back to what you are doing, in my case flicking back and forth to to check the Lakers-Pacers scores. The Democrats didn’t even seem enthusiastic to me.

Now my mind keeps drifting back to Hillary and the Drudge headline. What gives? Has she already signaled she is going to run in 2012? Crazier things have happened. Much crazier. Or is there just so much mutual disaffection they can’t stand to be around each other?

As for the actual content of the speech, yawn. The one bright spot is that the President might finally be considering nuclear energy. (Hurray-join the modern world.) On most other issues he apparently did not “pivot,” to use the parlance du jour, or the euphemism (for valueless hypocrite) du jour, as the case may be. He’s even still behind cap-and-trade, of all ludicrous swindles. When, at the end, he assured us with that faux vehemence people employ in such situations that “I am not going to quit!” my only thought was – so what else is new?


The good news is the Lakers won handily. They were in a slump.



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