CNN Meet Joe the Plumber: PJTV Correspondent lands in Israel

In the midst of something of a media uproar, Joe Wurzelbacher AKA Joe the Plumber has landed or is about to land (depending on when you read this) at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. PJTV and Pajamas Media have been deluged with interview requests for Joe, ranging from Geraldo At Large and the Associated Press to Israel’s Channel 10 and Germany’s ZDF television giant. 


Before Joe left he was interviewed by Fox and CNN, among others.  The CNN reporter, particularly, derided the lack of the plumber’s professional journalistic experience.  Yes, that’s CNN – the “professional” network that just yesterday broadcast a video of evidence of supposed Israeli brutality from a Gaza hospital that was entirely fake – a Pallywood production.  

Considering the numerous demonstrated instances of such “fauxtography” from the second Lebanon War, Pajamas Media would like to know why CNN was so quick to promulgate this crude forgery?  It would tend to be evidence of bias, even extreme bias, on the part of the network but perhaps it was just an honest mistake, the kind of mistake made by an amateur… like a plumber.

Later Friday PJTV will attempt to connect with CNN to get their side of the story.  Meanwhile, Joe Wurzelbacher will begin his work in Israel, the West Bank, the Gaza Border, wherever his admittedly amateur journalistic skills take him.  Stayed tuned to PJTV and to this website for further updates. Here’s his first departure interview with PJTV.

UPDATE CNN:  As you will see on today’s PJTV, I contacted CCN and talked with their spokesperson Christa Robinson who was aware that the network had taken down the disputed video from their website, but had no explanation as to why.  I asked her several other questions – such as where they got the video in the first place – which she was unable to answer.  She promised someone from the network would get back to me with a response.  So far, they have not.  It’s been several hours.


MORE:  CNN has done a volte-face, reposting the video and now insisting it is genuine, despite giving no specific response to any of the criticisms.  More here.  Is this another Al-Dura in the making? [Didn’t we hear that the man who shot that video was also of “enormous integrity.”-ed.  Yes, even after he kept contradicting himself. And what about this? Somehow I knew you’d bring that up.]


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