Has Ron Paul peaked?

In the latest Fox News Poll, Paul has declined from 3 percent of the vote last month to 2 percent now. An interesting stat is that with Gingrich in the race, he declines further to 1 percent. But Gingrich is only garnering a puny 4 percent himself. Does that mean that one in four Gingrich voters would be former Paul voters? Not very flattering to Newt… Or a strange commentary on the Paulites, since Gingrich is a complete hawk on the war. Go figure.


Meanwhile, there was a big Thompson bubble on Rasmussen that didn’t appear at all on the Fox News Poll. Of course, Rasmussen is one-day poll but still… Go figure again.

Maybe the late Pauline Kael had a point when she famously said: “I don’t know how Nixon got elected. No one I know voted for him.” Or something like that.

UPDATE: Oh, by the way, speaking of polling or Pauling (not Linus), this is the Daily Paul, in case you haven’t read it. I discovered its existence via the Pajamas Media referrers log, where they are quite active. They’re obviously quite interested in polls or… [Stop that.-ed. Okay, okay.]


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