Out of the Closet and Into the Streets

I am not a Republican (not interested in joining any political party these days) and, since I am an agnostic, I am clearly not an Orthodox Jew (or orthodox anything else), but I certainly sympathize with Republican/Orthodox screenwriter Robert J. Avrech’s view of working in today’s Hollywood (via Atlas Shrugs). Simultaneous to publishing his analysis, Mr. Avrech has taken the brave step of “coming out” as a Hollywood Republican.


As one who was once, during my Big Fix days, considered “too left” for some Hollywood assignments and is now considered “too conservative” for overtly political projects – all without my views having changed to any substantial degree – I can certainly understand Mr. Avrech’s dismay. Progressive, liberal, etc. are malleable terms which now seem to denote subscribing to the values of “Our Crowd,” a crowd every bit as rich and comfortable as the one to which the catch phrase was originally assigned, perhaps more so.

One could get very upset about this if Hollywood movies meant anywhere near what they once did to the zeitgeist. Fortunately they don’t.


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