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From EU green light for Iran-Russia nuclear deal

Brussels has confirmed it will not oppose the civilian nuclear deal reached between Russia and Iran on Sunday, clearing the way for Teheran’s only atomic reactor to come on stream next year.


Although the EU executive was not informed in advance about the agreement – signed at the site of the Russian built plan at Bushehr on Sunday, the EU is satisfied with the deal that will be supervised by the UN’s nuclear watchdog – the international Atomic Energy Agency.

“While we believe very firmly that it is important for all sides to avoid Iran becoming a militarily nuclear state, we as the EU have never contested Iran’s right to develop civilian nuclear power,” an EU spokeswoman told reporters on Monday.

“Our understanding is that the recent deal between Russia and Iran is compatible with our own approach since both sides have made it clear they will fully respect international rules and regulations on non-proliferation and most importantly that Bushehr will operate under the close supervision of the IAEA – the UN’s nuclear watchdog – the International Atomic Energy Agency.”


Oh, good. Maybe Benon Sevan could supervise. I understand he’s got some free time.

MEANWHILE: The Israelis have discovered another car packed with explosives outside Jenin. assuming it to be work again of Islamic Jihad. These people are desparate to have miserable lives. Any sign of possible improvement and they go, well, ballistic. Lest you think this is off topic, a simple reminder – Islamic Jihad is supported by Iran and Syria.


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