Power Line's Deacon Read My Mind...

… when he commented this morning on Thomas Jocelyn’s article on Michael Scheuer. (Your remember Scheuer, the former “Anonymous,” author of Imperial Hubris). Here’s the Deacon:


When Scheuer left the CIA and began appearing on television, I was astonished at how goofy he seemed to be. However, I didn’t realize he was this goofy, and such a simple-minded hater of Israel (which he calls a theocracy) to boot. You can get more nuanced analysis from a drunk at your neighborhood bar. How could a guy like this have held a responsible position at the CIA? And how many like him are still there?

Oh, well, let’s give Scheuer his due. It depends on what your definition of a theocracy is, after all, and maybe he didn’t make it over to Israel in time for the Gay Pride festival… or get a chance to go to the beach in Tel Aviv. It would all be laughable except… we paid this man’s salary! (warning: last link “not safe for work”)


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