Democracy - Who Wants It?

Power Line has a poll of pre-election attitudes in Baghdad. 80% want to go ahead with the election as scheduled; 18% back postponement. I wonder what the result would be in Europe. The reverse? As Hindrocket puts it, the only people who want the elections postponed are the ones who want them never to take place.


UPDATE: This poll correlates with what we were told by Omar and Mohammed of ItM at my house the other night. They asked us not to judge all Sunnis by the “insurgents.” If this poll (taken in the heart of Sunni territory) is to be believed, they had a point.

MORE: Apropos of who is on what side in Iraq, have a look at the always-interesting Andrew Apostolou’s article today on why the U. S. will end up acting alone. Sobering news.



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