Is this beyond Oil-for-Food?

If the reports that Mohammed El Baradei or someone close to him is behind the leak of the putative documents that caused the new NYTrogate Scandal regarding missing explosive in Irag, the implications are staggering.


Consider this: That means a high official of the United Nations… and not just an ordinary high official but one empowered with preventing nuclear weapons proliferation… is trying to influence a US election. And we thought we had seen everything with the Oil-for-Food scandal!

The blogosphere and the mainstream media must stay on this story. The New York Times ought to get off its high horse and reveal its sources on this one because, if that is the source, our country is in a mighty peculiar situation indeed. El Baradei is the man we are relying on to authenticate weapons cooperation with Iran and North Korea. This is way beyond an election here, ladies and gentlemen. This is about the survival of many human lives. If El Baradei or one of his colleagues did this, he must step down immediately.


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