Dept. of the Truly Scary

Back from the eye doctor with my pupils in tact (sort of). Anyway, nothing that I was going through (and it wasn’t much) could possibly compare to the latest report from Bill Gertz that 25 Chechen terrorists have sneaked over the Mexican border via the Arizona mountains. I’m not much of a scare monger, but Gertz has pretty good sources these days and I’m taking this one seriously. We all know what the Chechens are capable of. The following sentence raised the proverbial spontaneous hairs on the back of my neck.


It could not be learned whether the reported infiltration is related to the recent Education Department warning to school officials to examine security in the aftermath of the attack last month by pro-Chechnya Muslim terrorists on a school in Russia, in which more than 300 people were killed and some 700 wounded.

It’s safe to say that was one of the most barbaric acts since the Nazi period. Watching the parents of those children sobbing over the graves on CNN the other night (it was the forty day anniversary – evidently important in the Russian Orthodox faith) was heartbreaking.


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