Our New Media Overlords are Flawed

CBS may have been manipulating the news (okay, scratch the “may have been” and make that “was”), but they are an Old Media company par excellence with the declining numbers and tedious programming to match. I can’t remember the last time I watched, but I’m a New Media kind of guy. So this news about a service I use about every ten minutes –Google – is disturbing. Our newly-minted billionaire friends in Mountain View seem to have been cooperating with some rather “traditional” customs of some wildly rich pretend socialists (no I’m not talking about Susan Sarandon):


Google Inc. recently launched news service in China doesn’t display results from Web sites blocked by that country’s authorities, raising prickly questions for an online search engine that has famously promised to “do no evil.”

Dynamic Internet Technology Inc., a research firm striving to defeat online censorship, conducted tests that found Google omits results from the government-banned sites if search requests are made through computers connecting to the Internet in China.

Some people will do anything for a buck. [What about you?-ed. Jury’s out.]



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