The American Public Votes With Their Remotes

Although you would think many would tune into Dan Rather as a kind of “freak show,” the CBS Evening News numbers have tanked. Evidently the American people don’t like liars delivering the news.


Some spin doctor (see link) for CBS is ascribing this merely to the “perception” that Rather in anti-Bush. That’s what spin doctors are for, I suppose, to mouth idiocies and hope we will accept them. The situation is of course far worse. Most people already knew Rather was anti-Bush. What they didn’t know was that he was willing to push obvious forgeries for a week in behalf of that bias.

Continued shame on CBS. May they go bankrupt!

UPDATE: My sister, a bankruptcy lawyer in San Francisco, reminds me that it is callous to root for bankruptcy at CBS (really Viacom), because many will unfairly lose their jobs. She’s right, of course, although Rather (given those Nielsen numbers) has already put plenty of jobs at jeopardy at CBS News.



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