The Follies Berger - They Never Stop!

Do not miss Trent Telenko’s further investigation into “The Follies Berger.” I’m not sure I agree with all of Trent’s conclusions, but I’m thinking about them and, in fairness to the guy, they are “worst case scenarios.” And in any case, Telenko makes clear the behavior of the 9/11 Commission members – on both sides of the aisle – has been disgraceful on this matter (not to mention the employees of the National Archives themselves). I hope the blogosphere stays on this because this is, to put it mildly, something the mainstream media is unlikely to investigate on a thorough basis. Bravo, Trent!


UPDATE: The report by the WSJ article quoted by Swopa below does negate many of Trelenko’s suspicions, although it does not answer why Berger sneaked the copies out of the Archives (twice), why he kept them or who else might have seen them. Also, some of these copies may still be missing.



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