Matt Drudge: Genius of Juxtaposition

I’ve had occasion before in this space to note that high on Matt Drudge’s list of journalistic talents is a knack for juxtaposition. He does it again to today with this trifecta:



AMERICAN AIRLINES to cut 13,000 jobs…

NYC goes on hiring spree — for people to work its welfare offices…

One, two, three and you’re out, or so you’d think.

Regarding the first item, The Hill reports on a speech for “a small crowd of high-profile Hollywood names in Los Angeles.” They must be a stolid bunch, those “high-profile” Hollywood folks, for they listened to the First, er, Lady say “In the last three years, we’ve worked hard to get out of this mess and we’ve made some remarkable progress” without, as far as I could tell, falling out their Guccis laughing. It must have been a short speech, for it was mostly given over to listing President Obama’s “accomplishments”:  healthcare “reform” (i.e., the greatest contraption for wasting money, curtailing choice, and bureaucratizing health care ever invented), “the removal of troops from Iraq and the repeal of ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ among other items on the list of ‘promises kept’ touted by Obama’s reelection campaign.”

Speaking of lists, though, how’s this list, sent to me by a friend some months ago?



Thanks a lot, Barack!


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