Why Israel Still Hasn’t Started Its Ground Operation in Gaza

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What’s taking so long? Why hasn’t Israel moved into Gaza and begun to obliterate Hamas? The answer, I’m afraid, is drearily predictable.

The death toll for the Hamas jihad massacres in Israel has now climbed over 1,400, yet over two weeks after the Oct. 7 attacks that appalled the world, the promised Israeli ground offensive has not yet materialized. The reason for the delay can be summed up in what the man who claims to be president would say were two words, and those words are that same man’s name: Old Joe Biden.


The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that “U.S. and European governments have joined to put pressure on Israel to hold off on its ground invasion of Gaza to allow more time to win the release of hostages held by Hamas, U.S. and foreign officials said.” That pressure almost certainly originates from the Biden regime, which showed its hostility to Israel from the beginning by restoring aid to the Palestinians after Trump had stopped that aid in view of their continuing support for jihad terror, and which reaffirmed that hostility just days ago, when Old Joe went all the way to Israel to stab our most reliable Middle East ally in the back and announce that he was giving $100 million to Gaza, which means, despite his denials, $100 million to Hamas.

Meanwhile, the Journal adds that “several countries have been trying to leverage their contacts with Hamas to press the militant group to release the hostages taken during their onslaught on Israel earlier this month. One U.S. official had said that Qatar’s government had been very helpful on the matter, but noted the difficulties of reaching an agreement given Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and the spiraling humanitarian crisis there.”

Yeah, that may be gumming up the works. Another problem may be that Qatar is quite chummy with Hamas. On the day of the jihad massacres in Israel, Hamas leaders were videoed in a plush office in Qatar, watching news of the attacks and then getting down on their knees to give thanks to Allah for the wanton butchery of Israeli civilians. Qatar is a principal backer of the Muslim Brotherhood. In its charter, Hamas (which is an acronym for Islamic Resistance Movement) states: “The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine.”


So how can Qatar be “very helpful” in getting Hamas to release the hostages? Only in ways that benefit Hamas and harm Israel. And one way to do that is for Qatari negotiators to drag their feet in carrying out negotiations over these hostages, giving Hamas time to prepare for an Israeli ground invasion. In making these preparations, they can likely use material that was delivered on the trucks full of “humanitarian aid” that Old Joe Biden strong-armed Benjamin Netanyahu into allowing through; Old Joe’s “humanitarian aid” to the Palestinians has been diverted to friends of terrorists before.

Every day the ground incursion is delayed, in fact, aids Hamas by giving it time to strengthen its defenses, set traps for Israeli soldiers, and stir up its populace with even more Jew-hatred and bloodlust than they get in ordinary times. At this point, it isn’t even completely certain that there will be any ground operation in Gaza at all, despite the fact that there can be no definitive end of Hamas without one, and so the bloody events of Oct. 7 will just be replayed on another day.

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If, after all the delays, Israel does finally enter Gaza with ground troops, its operation will be hamstrung from the beginning. There will immediately be reports of civilian casualties. These reports don’t bother to inform the public that Hamas deliberately stages attacks from civilian areas in order to draw retaliatory fire it can use for propaganda purposes. Old Joe and his henchmen will immediately denounce Israel’s “disproportionate” response and call upon it to show “restraint,” while self-righteously reminding Netanyahu about “international law” that he is supposedly ignoring.


In reality, Israel has been called the most moral army in the world and takes immense care to avoid civilian casualties. Those casualties will come, however, if the Gaza ground operation ever does begin. Hamas will make sure of that. And then Israel will have to endure a chorus of international condemnation that may end up making it end operations short of its goal. That will mean the loss of more innocent lives in the future. But hey, endangering people and mortgaging their future — that’s what Old Joe Biden does.


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