Rumors Are Flying That Fetterman Has Been Replaced With a Double – but They’re Missing the Biggest Oddity

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Ever since video spread far and wide last week of Sen. John Fetterman (D-Uncle Fester) reacting with sarcastic derision to news that House Republicans were considering beginning a formal impeachment inquiry against Old Joe Biden, rumors have been flying that the guy in the video wasn’t Fetterman at all.


Twitter/X is full of detailed comparisons of still photos from each, with the slovenly socialist’s supporters deriding doubters as crazed conspiracy theorists going nuts over photos taken with different lighting or from different angles. Amid all the back-and-forth about whether there are now two Fettermans, however, the biggest part of the story has been missed, and that is this: when did this man become coherent?

Fetterman himself started the rumors flying in mid-August when he radically changed his look, shaving his salt-and-pepper goatee and growing a thick brown mustache. That has led to a blizzard of photo comparisons. On Sunday, journalist Alex Rosen posted two photos in which Fetterman looks very different with the question: “How did John Fetterman grow a full beard between these 2 pictures supposedly taken on the same day?” X’ers pointed out that one of his photos was actually taken over a year before the other, but that didn’t actually address the fact that Fetterman really does look quite different in both.

Nevertheless, the idea that there was another bald, hulking, slouching, six-foot-eight slob with a crooked frown line on his forehead waiting in the wings to take Fetterman’s place strains credulity, even in these days of AI and massive fakery everywhere. There could conceivably be a fake Fetterman, but if there is, the biggest evidence of the fakery is not to be found in small details of Fetterman One’s appearance as compared to Fetterman Two. The biggest evidence is that the new Fetterman can speak coherently.


Back in June, in a fairly typical utterance, Fetterman spoke in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee about the collapse of a section of I-95 in Pennsylvania: “Uh, no, I, I, I, uh, would, would, would just, ah, um, really like ta, y’know, the 95, 95, 95. Y’know. Um, y’know, obviously, that, y’know, you’re pretty much preoccupied with, with the 95, and I certainly am too, and you know it’s a major, uh, atery [sic], na-, not just for, for Pennsylvania, but for the east, the east coast. And, Penn- a lot of Pennsylvanians are worried that the delays and repairs bring to its standstill deal.”

Not only that. Back in February, the New York Times revealed that Fetterman had difficulty understanding what people say and likened his condition to “trying to make out the muffled voice of the teacher in the ‘Peanuts’ cartoon, whose words could never be deciphered.” He had this condition for a long while: since he couldn’t understand spoken questions during his debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz in 2022, he was given the questions on a closed-caption system. Dasha Burns of NBC News stated afterward that when the closed-captioning was off, “it wasn’t clear he was understanding our conversation.”

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Last Tuesday, however, when a reporter asked Fetterman about the Biden impeachment, he understood every word and responded immediately with a sarcastic display of anxiety. And that’s the real story here: when did Fetterman become able to understand spoken speech again? When did he become able to formulate coherent responses? To be sure, he said little about the impeachment beyond “It’s devastating” and “Don’t do it,” but even in that, he sounded more in command of his faculties than he ever did during the 2022 campaign or in the Senate at the beginning of the year.


So why isn’t the establishment media hailing his miraculous recovery? Why haven’t we been treated to adoring puff pieces detailing how Fetterman overcame adversity and regained full ability to function? There is a great deal that remains odd about John Fetterman, and no one in the media even seems to be interested in asking any pointed questions.

Once again, if he were on the other side of the aisle, there would be earnest inquiries and demands that Republicans come clean and stop trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people. But the double standard is so ubiquitous nowadays that most people don’t even notice it anymore.



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