Biden Regime Making Americans Sweat, Moves to Make Air Conditioning a Thing of the Past

Peter Haley

This one’ll really make your blood boil: with either remarkable tone-deafness or a haughty contempt for the people it’s supposed to be serving, the Biden regime chose some of the hottest days of this summer (and if the climate propaganda is to be believed, some of the hottest days in human history) to announce plans to restrict the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which are used in refrigerators and air conditioners. If the regime’s high-handedness and authoritarianism don’t already have you in a sweat, just wait.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Tuesday that it was “issuing a final rule to implement a 40% reduction below historic levels from 2024 through 2028.” So if you’re keeping cool these days with your air conditioner set at a certain temperature, be prepared for our moral superiors to force you, on pain of who knows what, to turn it up significantly. And you won’t be sweating out just this summer alone: “The rule aligns with the bipartisan American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act’s goals to reduce the production and consumption of these climate-damaging chemicals by 85% by 2036 and help avoid up to 0.5 °C of global warming by 2100.”

Bipartisan? Well, that’s another indication of how the establishment Republican hacks in Washington have failed the American people. If anyone in 2100 remembers what the EPA did Tuesday, he or she will have abundant evidence at hand to prove that reducing the use of these “climate-damaging chemicals” by 85% didn’t do a thing to avoid up to 0.5 °C of global warming because the whole thing was a hysterical and manipulative myth. All that cutting the use of refrigerators and air conditioners is going to do is make food spoil more quickly (well, you can always enjoy a heaping helping of bugs) and make Americans hot, sweaty, and crabby. The EPA might as well say that reducing the use of hydrofluorocarbons by 85% by 2036 will help us avoid a significant influx of witches.


And this is only just the beginning. As you no doubt expect, the Biden regime has much more pain for us in store. Joe Goffman, Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator of EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation, announced happily: “This rulemaking is a critical next step in the Biden-Harris Administration’s ambitious plans to phase down climate super-pollutants and ensure the United States leads the way as countries around the world implement the Kigali Amendment.” The Kigali Amendment is an international agreement that obligates the signatory nations to work to reduce the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Goffman adds: “The U.S. HFC phasedown program, bolstered by domestic innovation to develop alternative chemicals and equipment, is paving the way for the United States to tackle climate change and strengthen global competitiveness.”

Climate change initiatives actually do nothing to “strengthen global competitiveness,” if what Goffman means by that phrase is the competitiveness of the United States worldwide. On the contrary, such pipe-dream efforts weaken and burden our economy and benefit China, which is, of course, not held to the same expectations regarding doing something about global warming.

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Biden’s handlers, however, continue to sell Americans a bill of goods about that, not only continuing to propagate and act upon the climate change myth but also to claim that we will all come out better if we just turn down the AC and reach for the handheld fan. Ali Zaidi, the Biden regime’s National Climate Advisor, was full of praise for Old Joe and his henchmen: “President Biden has brought together a broad coalition of American manufacturers to work on next-generation technologies across refrigeration, HVAC systems, and more — helping us cool without contributing more to global warming. With today’s final rule, this Administration is continuing to deliver win-wins for climate action and U.S. manufacturing competitiveness while ensuring that American workers reap the benefits of a growing global market for HFC alternatives.”

This kind of nonsense is designed to keep the damage at the ballot box to a minimum and keep overheated Americans who have been forbidden to turn on the air conditioning from expressing their frustration (if they can mark their ballots clearly amid all the sweat) by voting out the green hysterics. After a while, cool homes in July will be a dim memory, just as affordable homes for single-income families are now. Prosperous and comfortable America will retreat into the past, and Americans won’t have time to be nostalgic, as they’ll be too busy guarding their meager, stiflingly hot apartments from the thieves and robbers that Democrat politicians have released from prisons or never jailed in the first place. They’ll barely have time to pause for a quick lunch of grasshoppers and beetles.




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