Leftist Students Flee Campus in Fear of Terrifying Speaker: Uh, Mike Pence

Saul Loeb/Pool via AP

Whatever you may think of Mike Pence, and I’m no fan of his recent “Hey, I’m Mitt Romney, too” act, one thing everyone can agree on is that he is mild. In the classic Superman comics, the superhero’s alter ego Clark Kent was described as “mild-mannered,” but Mike Pence makes Clark Kent look like Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. To Trump’s hot sauce, Pence was butter.


Leftists, however, are nothing if not hysterical, and so when Pence spoke at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Wednesday, some young followers of Stalin and Che Guevara ostentatiously fled the campus, claiming that Pence’s presence made them fear for their safety. They showed that they have learned the first lesson of contemporary Leftism: above everything else, the narrative must be preserved.

UNC’s student newspaper, the Daily Tar Heel, reported Thursday that Young America’s Foundation and the UNC College Republicans brought in the imperturbable and uncharismatic former veep for an event entitled “Saving America from the Woke Left.” Pence “discussed a range of issues, including free speech and religion at the event.” Freedom of speech and freedom of religion? No wonder the Tar Heel Leftists’ hackles were raised.

Before Pence had even said a word, UNC’s Young Maoists, uh, that is, Young Democrats, held a campus rally, ham-handedly entitled “Saving America With the ‘Woke Left,’” against him. This being contemporary academia, no fewer than fifteen campus and community organizations joined in.

When he did begin speaking, the object of their hatred said mildly: “I came here tonight to say that I believe we’re on the verge of a great comeback for freedom, and I believe we will save America from the woke left, and this freedom generation will lead the way.” Freedom? Can’t have talk of that. It was just the sort of language that would enrage the authoritarian Left. Pence “pointed to the Biden administration for the rise of the ‘woke left,’ and condemned their embrace of the ‘all-encompassing assault’ on culture and free speech. He called on the students in the crowd to have faith in the American people and put an end to Biden’s time as president in the next election.” Why, this would never do. Clearly, this man posed a menace to the public order, and those from whom America needs to be saved were not amused.


Accordingly, the chairperson of the North Carolina Democratic Party, Anderson Clayton, declared: “When we think of UNC, we think of progress and opportunity. We don’t think of Mike Pence.” Righto. When I think of UNC, from which I graduated in the 1980s, I don’t think of Mike Pence. I think of blinkered, self-righteous Leftists doing everything they can to shut down opposing viewpoints. In this case, they dragged out the old chestnut that speech that dissented from the Left’s authoritarian agenda was tantamount to violence: “UNC first-year Moira Kelly said that she found Pence’s presence on campus ‘disturbing’ and that she had friends who drove home because they were scared for their safety in anticipation of the event.”

Oh, brother, or rather, oh, non-binary sibling. Mike Pence is a bloodless technocrat who is the very opposite of threatening. But it is a favored tactic among Leftists to pretend that patriots are violent and unhinged, such that they become afraid whenever those patriots are allowed to have any hearing at all. In light of all the violence we have seen from Antifa and Black Lives Matter, this is, of course, classic projection.

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For his part, Pence hoped his UNC appearance would “help level what has been the imbalance of liberal thinking.” And speaking of unbalanced, “according to a statement made via social media by the Black Student Movement, an ‘adult non-student individual’ walked into Davis Library and the Sonja Haynes Stone Center the day before the event. The self-proclaimed Pence supporter created flyers that featured homophobic and racist language along with anti-Semitic symbols, the post said.” Oh yeah, that guy was totally real, and not a false flag at all, no, sir.

The Black Student Movement stated: “We will continue to advocate for a better campus for those who have far too often been excluded from the privilege of safety awarded by whiteness and heteronormativity.” In other words, if you’re not a lunatic Leftist who advocates for perversion and delusion and sees imaginary racism everywhere, shut up.

Meanwhile, here’s hoping that young Moira Kelly’s friends have found it safe enough to return to campus now and don’t have to worry about being targeted by rogue RINOs chanting “This is Pence Country.” It’s enough to make one’s blood run cold.



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