Kamala Harris Adds a New Group to Her List of Threats to ‘Our Democracy’

AP Photo/Abbie Parr

Speaking Saturday in Los Angeles, Kamala Harris enumerated a number of threats to “our democracy,” and took the opportunity to add a new group to her enemies list as well. Tread carefully: you’re likely to be on her list.

Leftists love to posture as the guardians and protectors of what they constantly refer to as “our democracy.” The fact that we do not have a democracy at all, but a Constitutional republic, isn’t too difficult for them to grasp, but they determinedly and repeatedly ignore it. It’s hard to escape the impression that they’re deliberately trying to obscure this fact, since the structures that make the U.S. a republic are all that are keeping us today from absolute rule by New York City and Los Angeles; that’s what Leftists think of as “democracy.”

The Daily Wire reported Sunday that the alleged vice president was making “a surprise appearance at an abortion rally in Los Angeles.” Apparently, she was energized to do this because on Friday, “the Supreme Court issued an administrative stay regarding restrictions on mifepristone, the drug used in about half of all abortions nationwide.” That is, the Court kept the abortion pill available, although it appears as if it did so only to give itself more time to review all the facts of the case.

It’s worth repeating once again that when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last summer, it did not ban abortion nationwide, as some hysterical Leftists have disingenuously implied. Nonetheless, Harris and other far-Left leaders have repeatedly postured as if a fundamental right is under threat, and her appearance in Los Angeles on Saturday was no different.

Harris called upon the crowd to “stand up and fight” at what she said was a “critical moment” in our nation’s history. That it certainly is, but not in the way she thinks. Harris continued, “When you attack the rights of women in America, you are attacking America.” She said nothing about the rights of all the women whose lives have been extinguished in the womb because of the policies she so passionately advocates.

The putative vice president then enumerated some of the ways in which she claimed that “our democracy” was under threat: “We have seen attacks on voting rights, attacks on fundamental rights to love and marry the people that you love, attacks on the ability of people to be themselves and be proud of who they are.” Remember when you read this what she is really talking about: she is calling for the defense of election rules that make it easier for Democrats to cheat, and laws that allow for the mutilation of children and their lifelong dependence on pharmaceutical products that enable them to pretend indefinitely to be something they are not.

Harris claimed that pro-lifers “attack fundamental rights” and “by extension, attack our democracy.” This makes a certain twisted sense from her point of view: if you accept that abortion is a fundamental right, then to oppose it is to stand against “our democracy.” This involves taking Roe v. Wade seriously and ignoring the fact that it was bad law from the start, and based on an understanding of the Constitution that was frankly non-textual and borderline nonsensical.

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The worst part of what Harris said, however, was its ominous implication. Old Joe Biden said last September that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” The Biden regime, with its Disinformation Governance Board and work with the social media giants to silence dissenting voices, has made its authoritarian bent abundantly clear; it has no patience for political disagreement and the give-and-take that has marked American politics up to now.

The real threat to our republic is the Biden regime in its relentless efforts to stigmatize and demonize its legitimate opposition. When Harris says that pro-lifers threaten “our democracy,” efforts to restrict the ability of pro-lifers to be heard in the public square could very well follow. It is a tested tactic of Leftists to accuse those whom they hate and wish to destroy of doing what they themselves are guilty of doing. Harris made liberal use of this tactic in Los Angeles on Saturday in her spirited defense of sacrificing children to Moloch.


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