Hair-Raising Twist as Arizona Gov Signs Bill Prohibiting ‘Hair Discrimination’

A Friday ceremony as Arizona’s ostensible governor, Katie Hobbs, signed a new executive order took a hair-raising turn that underscores the utter insanity of the contemporary Left.


Hobbs won the Arizona gubernatorial race under the most questionable of circumstances, but for better or worse, and probably much worse than better, she’s the governor now. She has swiftly devoted herself to winning over those who are skeptical of her legitimacy by espousing the causes that matter most to Arizonans. Fearlessly tackling the worst problems that the people in her state, which is under siege from the flood of illegal migrants who are crossing the essentially nonexistent border, Hobbs happily announced Friday, “Today, I signed an Executive Order prohibiting race-based hair discrimination for state employees and contractors. Black women, men, and children should be able to wear their natural hair with pride and without the fear of discrimination.” Brava, Governor! Now the scourge of hair discrimination will end, justice will dawn in the land, and we can all breathe easy.

There was just one aspect of this festive occasion that put a damper on the proceedings. Hobbs tweeted a photo of the signing that showed her surrounded by a large group of black women, who for the most part were smiling happily, and one unsmiling black man. Hobbs’ photo, however, was cropped just a bit too close to Hobb’s right. If the field of the photo had been widened by just a foot or two, we would have seen that none other than Rachel Dolezal, the notorious race hoaxer who pretended to be black for years and even became the head of a chapter of the NAACP, was attending the signing.


Dolezal herself tweeted photos showing that she was there, and Chris Love, the former board chair of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, explained, “She was invited by someone. Apparently, no one is claiming her now, but her newer name was on the list [Dolezal now goes by the name Nkechi Amare Diallo], so it didn’t trigger anyone until she walked in. The Gov. wasn’t in any pics with her, but she was there and no one asked her to leave—not staff, security, or other attendees.” Love added that Dolezal’s presence “put a damper on what should’ve been a positive day.”

But why? If discrimination on the basis of hair style really “serves as a real barrier for Black people across this country,” as Love has said, why would the festive nature of the signing of a bill to prohibit such discrimination be dampened by the presence of a woman who pretended to be black for years and clearly still closely identifies with the black community? Why wouldn’t Dolezal’s presence be taken as a compliment and a gesture of solidarity?


After all, the Left loves men who pretend to be women and vice versa. It loves sinister, demented corruptocrats who pretend to be president. So why does the love for pretending suddenly end when it comes to Rachel Dolezal? The reason is simple: by cosplaying as black, Dolezal explodes the whole contemporary Leftist myth of systemic racism and lingering discrimination against black people.

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Back in the old South during the Jim Crow days of genuine racial discrimination, some light-skinned blacks tried to pass for white in an attempt to join the elite group and avoid the discrimination and harassment that blacks suffered in those days. The old folk song “Delia” mentions “men in Atlanta, tryin’ to pass for white.” But nowadays, the elite group is the very same group that is claiming discrimination on the basis of hairstyle and a great deal more. The people who are trying to pass are white people attempting to appear to be “people of color,” even including a member of the U.S. Senate, Elizabeth Warren.

The fury over Dolezal’s appearance at Hobbs’ signing thus stems from the fact that her presence exposes the whole game that is being played. Black people in the United States in 2023 are not downtrodden and suffering from discrimination. They are celebrated everywhere and are the focus of a huge number of initiatives, in every field from politics to sports and entertainment, that are designed to make them feel included and loved. Dolezal is a living rebuke to the idea of “white privilege” that fuels the race-resentment industry today; she shows that privilege is all on the other foot. That’s why Chris Love and many other people are so upset that this faux black person showed up at the faux governor’s ceremony, which was focused on the alleged victimization of blacks. She shows there really isn’t any victimization at all. Can’t have that.




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