Readin’, ‘Ritin, and Rainbow Madness: Drag Queen Forces 11-Year-Old to Leave Class for Denying 73 Genders

(Scott Threlkeld/The Advocate via AP)

The only good aspect of this revolting story is that the government of the Isle of Man, a sparsely populated Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom that will soon be having to change its name (Isle of Folx? Isle of Women, Womyn, and Oppressors? Isle of LGBTQ+?) has actually moved to stop this madness, at least to a limited extent. Fox News reported Wednesday that Isle of Man (sorry!) authorities have “suspended sex education at schools after a drag queen allegedly forced a student to leave class for refuting the concept of 73 genders.” It’s just great that they have forced the gears of the grooming machine to grind to a halt, at least for the moment, but how did it get this far? And what is being done to change the attitudes and policies that led to this happening in the first place?


In a telling indication of how important it is for ordinary citizens to become activists in this time of deep societal and cultural crisis all over the West, the Isle of [Redacted] government didn’t even act until parents started to complain. The ghastly incident took place at Queen Elizabeth II High School, and when parents heard about it, they began a petition drive. Among the statements in the petition was this: “We consider the attendance of a ‘drag queen’ in class and alienating students clearly confused about the information discussed during this session wholly inappropriate.”

You can say that again, Isle of Manners. The petition called for the school’s head teacher, Charlotte Clarke, to begin an “immediate investigation” not just into the drag queen incident, but into the whole rancid curriculum that led to the drag queen being invited to the school in the first place. Over 500 people signed.

Eliza Cox, vice-chairman of Isle of Man’s Marown Parish, revealed the drag queen incident at Queen Elizabeth II High. Cox recounted that the drag queen was teaching children as young as eleven years old, and informing them that there are not two, but 73 genders. According to Fox News, “one student responded that there were only two genders, which prompted the drag queen to say, ‘you’ve upset me,’ and ask the student to leave the class.” Remember the days when children were told to leave class for talking excessively, not paying attention to the lesson, cheating on tests, and the like? Now you get sent out of class for not bowing to the dominant Leftist insanity.


Cox also “alleged that one group of students was taught how to perform anal and oral sex. Another group was shown how skin grafts are taken from a patient’s arm to create an artificial penis for a transgender man.” Understandably, after all this, according to Cox, some of the kids at Queen Elizabeth II High were “too ‘traumatized’ to talk with their parents about what transpired.” Who wouldn’t be?

And so finally, the local government stepped in: “The minister for education on The Isle of Man, Julie Edge, has said the Department of Education, Sports and Culture has made the ‘decision to pause all relationships and sex education (RSE) delivery across primary and secondary schools, and will be unable to comment further until the facts have been established.’” That’s “pause,” not “stop.” Is the Isle of Man’s government likely to challenge the entire sexual orthodoxy of the contemporary Left? Unlikely in the extreme. Will the drag queen be back once the heat is off and the establishment media has gone on to the next story? It could happen.

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QE2 High’s Clarke has now commented, laconically: “Having viewed a video, which is currently circulating on social media relating to the school’s RSE curriculum and its delivery, we are concerned that there could be a number of inaccuracies with the information being shared.” No kidding, really? What was your first clue? In response to seeing the gender madness being taught to her students, Clarke has punted and shifted responsibility: “Given the concerns being raised, and in order to be open and transparent, we requested an independent review into the situation. As such I am happy to take part in the external investigation which is being deployed by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture and would encourage our community to avoid speculation at this time.”


Terrific. But is the Department of Education, Sport and Culture any more likely to buck the Left than the Isle of Man’s government? No. And so the drag queens will almost certainly keep their elementary school gigs. The grooming, at least for the foreseeable future, will almost certainly continue.



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