This Is the Left: Whitmer Enjoys an Evening Out While 700,000 Michiganders Freeze Without Power

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Leftists have already made it abundantly clear that they don’t feel bound to observe the rules they impose upon us. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s hair salon appointment while the salons were closed to other women in 2020 because of the COVID-19 hysteria? Pelosi’s nephew Gavin Newsom was likewise caught dining at a fancy French restaurant in defiance of his own COVID protocols. And now another star of the contemporary Left, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-FBI Kidnapping Hoax), took Thursday evening off to head in to Detroit, where she caught a performance of the musical “Jagged Little Pill” at the Fisher Theatre. This would have been an utterly unremarkable incident were it not for the fact that while Whitmer was enjoying her fun-filled evening out, 700,000 Michiganders were without power, smack in the middle of winter. This, once again, is how the Left governs.


An Instagram user inadvertently blew the whistle on Friday, when she posted a photo of herself with Whitmer, adding the caption: “Met the Governor, I can now say I have the key to the city. #dearborn #dearbornheights #detroit.” The first and only comment on the post, however, was less bubbly: “Oh hell nah. Tell her to get her a** to f**king work on the power.”

The commenter had good reason to be annoyed with Whitmer. The far-Left governor certainly was behaving like an entitled monarch indifferent to the suffering of her hapless subjects. The Detroit Free Press reported Thursday that “the freezing rain and ice storm that blew through Michigan downed trees and limbs, cut power to about 700,000 homes and businesses, closed schools and offices, suspended the QLINE, delayed air travel, caused car crashes and killed a firefighter in Paw Paw, who was electrocuted.”

Detroit’s DTE Energy, which had “nearly a half-million customers without power at one point Thursday” said on that day that most of its customers should have their power back by Sunday. Consumers Energy, which serves the other 200,000 customers whose power was knocked out, likewise said that the lights would come back on Sunday. That meant that these 700,000 people were facing up to four days without power from the time the storm hit and began knocking out the electricity on Wednesday night. And this happened in February. Yet Gretchen Whitmer thought it would be a fine time to take in a play.


What was Whitmer thinking? The lone Instagrammer who posted her photo seems to have been the only person who noted that she was enjoying an evening out while hundreds of thousands of her citizens were freezing without heat in their homes, so maybe she thought that the ever-sycophantic far-Left establishment media would cover for her, given her impeccable far-Left credentials, no matter what. And she would have gotten away with it, had it not been for the star-struck citizen who asked for, and then posted, a photo with the governor.

It may also be that Whitmer just doesn’t care about the bad optics. Democrats enjoy virtually complete control of Michigan at this point, so what are the proles going to do when they see her governor out in a warm hall taking in some entertainment? They can vote Republican all they want, but Michigan’s Democrat machine will roll right over them and leave them right where they were, freezing without power while those who have the power enjoy themselves.

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This is the way Leftists always govern. In the Soviet Union, the collective farms and soul-destroying high-rise apartment boxes were for the proletariat who were supposed to be exercising their dictatorship. Those who really had political power, meanwhile, lived it up in sumptuous dachas and feasted on gourmet meals served on the finest china. They deserved reward, after all, for all their efforts for The People, and so does Gretchen Whitmer.


Meanwhile, one of Whitmer’s subjects, Rochelle Brown, “said she wasn’t sure where she was going to spend the night.” Brown recounted: “A wire fell into my yard, my driveway. I thought it was going to set my house on fire. It sparkled and crackled all night. It’s cold in my house. I sent my kids other places, but I stayed in the home with my dog.” The National Weather Service noted that the ice “was between a quarter-inch and more than a half-inch thick, and utility executives added that when there is that much ice on the power lines, the effective stress of 20-mph winds is as if they were gusting at 60.” But why should Gretchen Whitmer be concerned about that? That’s for the common folk to be worried about.

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