Not Content with Destroying U.S. Economy, Biden Now Destroying Ukrainian Economy

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Old Joe Biden is so avid to go to war in Ukraine that he tried to convince Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Thursday that a Russian invasion was “imminent” and that Cossack hordes would soon “sack Kyiv” if we didn’t send our woke Leftist American military flouncing in on its high heels to save the day. Zelensky quickly made it known to the world that he was having none of Biden’s fearmongering, and for good reason: Biden’s war hysteria has, according to Zelensky, cost Ukraine almost half a billion dollars in foreign investment. It looks as if Old Joe, not content with wrecking the American economy, is branching out to wreck Ukraine’s as well.

At a press conference on Friday, Zelensky, according to Breitbart, told reporters “that he spent much of the call emphasizing to Biden that telling the world that Russia would imminently invade Ukraine — something Kyiv has repeatedly stated there is little material evidence to believe — could lead to economic devastation in the country that would, in turn, increase the probability of a full-fledged Russian assault.”

Zelensky recounted that “I mentioned this to President Biden … we need to stabilize the economy of our country because of those signals which say that tomorrow there will be war, because these signals were sent by even leaders of the respected countries, sometimes they are not even using diplomatic language! They are saying, ‘Tomorrow is the war.’ This means panic on the market, panic in the financial sector … how much does it cost to our country?”

Biden has cost Ukraine a great deal already. “We have the record-breaking GDP in 2021, record-breaking number. We have the growth in a short period of time,” Zelensky said. But then came Old Joe’s war drums, and the Ukraine economy quickly went sour. “But after, I think, the beginning of this informational coverage, after this change in the informational coverage, 12 and a half billion worth of investments were taken out of Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian economy has lost 12.5 billion hryvnia, or around $437 million. “It’s [a] very expensive price to pay for Ukraine,” Zelensky noted. And he tried to stop the bleeding: “We’ve talked to the president [Biden], we think that there has to be a balanced approach. I am not saying that he is influencing American media, they are independent, but the media policy – there has to be balance.” The American media is independent? Zelensky is understandably consumed with the problems of his own country and may be forgiven for having missed the complete transformation of the American media into a propaganda organ for the far-Left elements of the Democratic Party. In any case, his call for a “balanced approach” is welcome and necessary, but balance is not exactly what Biden’s handlers are all about.

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Zelensky then offered some common sense against Biden’s war frenzy: “If they want to know what the situation is, they can come to Kyiv. Do we have tanks on the street? No. The feeling is, if you’re not here, the feeling is … the image that mass media create is that we have troops on the roads, we have mobilization, people are leaving for places – that’s not the case. We don’t need this panic.”

Indeed. Neither do we. The Biden administration has rapidly descended from tragedy to farce. Has it ever happened before in American history that the president was in a lather to intervene militarily in a crisis between two countries, but the president of the country he was determined to help didn’t want the help and denied there was even a crisis? In just a year, Biden’s handlers have made the United States of America and its vaunted role as the world’s policeman into an international joke.

Trying to talk some sense into the Biden camp, Zelensky observed: “I don’t think the situation is more intense than it was at that time, at peak time in 2021.” Yet at that time, neither Biden nor the media lost their minds, or whatever they have between their ears. “There was no such coverage at that time of Ukraine.” According to Zelensky, the Russian threat was “constant,” but Putin’s supposedly imminent escalation has “already happened.” Zelensky noted, “We have been talking about this for eight years now,” ever since Russia seized Crimea in 2014. He concluded, “For me, the question of the possible escalation is not less acute as for the United States and other partners,” and yet it was not he, but Biden, who was talking of war. Because of this hysteria, Zelensky said, “we may lose the economy of our country.”

Join the club, Mr. Zelensky. The radical Leftist warmongers of the Biden administration are now the scourge of two national economies. And if they get the war they want, much more will be destroyed as well.



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