CNN Tries to Memory-Hole Ukraine President Telling Biden to 'Calm Down'

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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky reportedly told Presidentish Joe Biden to “calm down” and corrected him about Russian forces Biden believed were ready to “sack” Kyiv, according to a report CNN apparently tried to hide.


Jack Posobiec time and time again proves to have great sources, so I was inclined to believe him Thursday when he tweeted, “Ukrainian president had to correct Biden multiple times on their call today when he insisted Kyiv was about to be ‘sacked’ by Russian forces. At one point he even asked Biden to calm down.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper posted colleague Matthew Chance‘s report on the Biden-Zelensky conversation only to quickly delete it.

Deleted Biden Conversation

CNN’s Natasha Bertrand also linked the story, only to delete her tweet, too.

Later, after getting called out on the deletions by Posobiec, Tapper tried again, this time noting that White House and Zelensky spokesmen had since disputed the claims.

Maybe this tweet you’ll leave up, Jake?

According to the now-disputed report, a senior Ukrainian official told CNN that the call “did not go well,” although it was also described as “long and frank.”

Biden reportedly told his Ukrainian counterpart that he believes a Russian attack may be “imminent.” Zelensky apparently disagreed, saying that Russian disposition remains “dangerous but ambiguous.”

“Biden disagreed,” says the report, “insisting an invasion was now virtually certain.”


Zelensky warned Biden to “calm down the messaging” about Russia’s intentions, reminding the alleged U.S. president of the economic impact.

Despite his belief that Putin is ready and virtually certain to invade the country and “sack” Kyiv, Biden warned that Ukraine “would not be getting significantly more military help,” and “no sophisticated weapons systems.”

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In 1994, President Bill Clinton pledged American security assistance to Ukraine in return for Ukraine surrendering all of its Soviet-era nuclear weapons.

So what really happened? We won’t and can’t know unless the transcript of the phone call is ever released.

The GOP is having some fun on that point:

In 2019, Biden told President Trump to release the “transcript of the call” he’d just had with Zelensky.

Trump did release the transcript.

Well, what’s it going to be, Mr. President?


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