Biden’s State Department Paving the Way for Iran to Get Nukes, Blames Trump

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In the course of a lengthy briefing by “senior administration officials” regarding National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s upcoming trip to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the topic of Iran and its nuclear ambitions came up again and again. Biden’s handlers reiterated that they were determined not to allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to get nuclear weapons, but at the same time maintained that they were intent on bringing the mullahs back into the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Barack Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal that paved the way for the rogue Iranian regime to get nukes.


Iran, said the unnamed official who was conducting the briefing, “will be very high on the agenda for Jake’s visit to Israel this week. The discussion will be a continuation of our ongoing consultations on the threat posed by Iran, particularly its nuclear program, but also its destabilizing activities in the region. We share, with our Israeli partners, a deep concern about the advancements in Iran’s nuclear program.”

Iran’s nuclear program, Biden’s handlers would have you believe, is all Trump’s fault: “Following the previous administration’s withdrawal from the JCPOA without much thought or plan as to what would come next — and we’ve just seen this dramatic acceleration of Iran’s nuclear program since then. The U.S. and Israel are totally aligned in our determination to ensure Iran can never acquire a nuclear weapon.” He repeated this several times during the call, discussing “the real dangers that — it’s a danger to not just Israel, but danger to the entire international security — of Iran’s rapidly advancing and accelerating nuclear program. We are, I think, both committed to ensuring that Iran — as I mentioned, totally aligned on the fact that Iran will never have a nuclear weapon.”

That sounds great, but reentering Obama’s awful JCPOA is exactly the wrong way to go about it. The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran explains that among many other disquieting features, the JCPOA allows Iran to delay International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspection requests for up to 24 days — ample time to clean up for the inspectors. The agreement also removes all economic sanctions on Iran. This included the removal of sanctions that had originally been intended to be removed only when Iran definitively gave up its nuclear program; now the Islamic Republic would be given sanctions relief and allowed to continue its nuclear program, only with certain restrictions that would all eventually expire anyway. Sanctions relief allows the Iranian mullahs to finance jihad groups worldwide, as they did with the billions Obama gave them.


On Sept. 23, 2015, two months after the nuke deal was finalized, Khamenei published an article entitled “The Idols Will Be Shattered,” illustrated with a drawing of the Statue of Liberty shattered in pieces. In it, he declared, “The idol of the soul, the idol of pride, [and] the idol of sexual lust; the idol of tyranny and subservience; the idol of global tyranny [that is, the U.S.]; the idol of sloth and irresponsibility; and the other idols that shame the precious human soul—a plan that will spring forth from the depths of the heart will shatter them.” That doesn’t exactly sound as if the JCPOA was a path to peaceful coexistence.

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But as far as the “senior administration official” who conducted Monday’s briefing was concerned, it was all Trump’s fault: “I think it’s important to keep in mind something happened in 2019: The former administration pulled out of the JCPOA. They engaged in a maximum pressure campaign. And I think anyone who has dealt with the Iranians for some time would have predicted that Iran will react, and they did react. And one of the ways they reacted was attacking Saudi Arabia and others in the Gulf — direct state-to-state attacks. And not only did the United States not respond, the President at the time tweeted that we shouldn’t really be in the Middle East at all.”


This is remarkably disingenuous, even coming from an entity so habitually dishonest as the Biden administration. The official is trying to give the impression that Trump’s policies led an Iranian regime that had been pacified to become aggressive. Biden’s handlers are hoping you’ll forget that Iran detained and publicly humiliated ten American sailors in Jan. 2016, just as the JCPOA was going into effect. The idea that Trump’s withdrawal from the JCPOA ratcheted up tensions, or caused tensions where there were none, is pure propaganda.

The administration official said it again at the end of the briefing: “Iran can never get a nuclear weapon.” Yet everything it is doing is only enabling the Islamic Republic to get such weapons while trying to gaslight you into thinking that the fault lies entirely with the previous administration. Biden’s handlers are playing an extremely dangerous game; let’s hope for the sake of all of us that it doesn’t blow up in their faces.


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