Doom Is Yours: Biden Threatens Winter of ‘Severe Illness and Death’ for the Unvaccinated

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Old Joe Biden had a sunny message for the American people on Thursday, when he announced that the unvaccinated were heading into a winter of “severe illness and death.” The apocalyptic preacher in the Oval Office, speaking through a black mask and looking like a demented Kris Kringle surrounded by his cheesy holiday decor, cried: “It’s here now and it’s spreading and it’s going to increase. For unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death, if you’re unvaccinated, for themselves, their families, and the hospitals they will soon overwhelm. But, there’s good news. If you’re vaccinated and have your booster shot you’re protected from severe illness and death. Period.”


Also on Thursday, CBS News reported that “following a unanimous vote of its outside panel of vaccine advisers, the CDC on Thursday issued updated recommendations preferring Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines over Johnson & Johnson’s, in light of new data about the risk of a rare blood clotting side effect linked to the Johnson & Johnson shot.” As for Pfizer, according to RT on Sunday, “documents released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reveal that drugmaker Pfizer recorded nearly 160,000 adverse reactions to its Covid-19 vaccine in the initial months of its rollout. The documents were obtained by a group of doctors, professors, and journalists calling themselves Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, who filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the FDA for their release.”

In other words, it isn’t at all clear that “if you’re vaccinated and have your booster shot you’re protected from severe illness and death,” as Biden claimed, but the guardians of acceptable opinion have decided that suspicions about the efficacy and side effects of the vaccines are not permissible.

Biden continued his scolding session by saying: “Get your booster shot. It’s critically important. And if you haven’t, you haven’t gotten your booster shot, get your first shot.” Regarding the booster, the BBC reported Friday that “UK researchers have analysed the likely impact that a Covid booster shot will have on Omicron and say it could provide around 85% protection against severe illness.” That sounds great until you learn that “the protection is a bit less than vaccines gave against earlier versions of Covid,” and that “the researchers say there is a high degree of uncertainty until more real-world information is gathered about this new variant that is spreading quickly.”


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So Old Joe is demanding that Americans get vaccines about which there are increasing reports of adverse side effects, and a booster that no one is really sure works at all. This is a magnitude of hysteria we haven’t seen since the Salem witch trials; what has been forgotten amid the regime’s Covid hysteria is that if the vaccines had really proven to be safe and effective, no one would have hesitated to get them at all. But the fact that they’re being pushed so energetically by people who are serially and habitually dishonest only makes many people all the more suspicious.

What’s more, when Biden warms that the unvaccinated will soon overwhelm the hospitals, his threat of doom for the unvaccinated come with a whiff of menace. Biden’s warning came amid increasing calls on the Left to deny hospital space to the unvaccinated, which could happen on a large scale in the near future. Yet all of this is to combat a Covid variant that is mild, but about which Biden’s handlers and the establishment media are doing everything they can to whip up a new fever pitch of Covid hysteria.

So maybe the “severe illness and death” that Biden sees looming for the unvaccinated will come to them because they will be refused basic medical care, in what would be the crowning injustice of this outbreak of hysteria. Given Leftists’ ongoing, multifaceted and relentless demonization of their political opponents, it wouldn’t be at all difficult to envision a scenario in which hospital space is denied to those who note the growing evidence of the dangers and inefficacy of the vaccines. And those who deprived others of medical treatment would feel righteous, as righteous as the mask scolds who still haunt department stores and supermarkets. The good burghers of Salem who put the witches to death thought they were doing the right thing, too.



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