Stasi in Kansas City: Student Denounces Christian Teacher to Authorities, Gets Him Suspended

(Richard Alan Hannon/The Advocate via AP)

If an embattled teacher at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy High School in Kansas City had been doing something innocuous such as getting a lap dance from students, he would likely still be at work now. But this teacher made the mistake instead of speaking about his Christian faith in class, and specifically about his rejection of Islam and homosexuality. That was way over the line for his zealous young charges, who arrived in his class after years of relentless Leftist indoctrination. They surreptitiously recorded him and reported him to school officials. The teacher has been duly suspended, and the woke order of things preserved at Lincoln High. For now.


Kansas City’s KCTV reported Thursday that the teacher had been “placed on leave because of some controversial comments he made in class.” Did he defend performing cruel and painful medical experiments on puppies? Did he speak out in favor of opening the border and letting any number of criminals and terrorists waltz into the country? Did he call for giving $450,000 to some of the illegal entrants who were inconvenienced upon their arrival in this inexhaustibly generous land? Come on, man! None of that would be controversial!

No, what this incorrigible miscreant teacher did was begin “preaching about Christianity, then disparaging Muslims and LGBTQ+ people.” Or at least that’s how KCTV summarizes what happened. The student who began recording what the teacher was saying doesn’t recount any “disparaging” remarks at all, but only disagreement. As far as the establishment Left is concerned, merely disagreeing with their agenda is disparagement, so KCTV’s tendentious characterization is at least understandable, if not excusable.

KCTV5 says they “talked with a student with his mom’s permission and agreed not to use his name to keep strangers from contacting him.” That’s good because you know how those “white supremacists” are always stalking around, hunting for prey. “That student was in the class where it happened Monday. He said it came out of the blue 10 minutes into class.”


The student described what happened this way: “And then he kind of got a little emotional and said, ‘If I get fired for this, I don’t really care. I care more about you guys’ and then started to say stuff about how God loves us and he’s going to save us and how if you don’t, like, basically convert to Christianity, then you’re going to live a bad life. It was very uncomfortable.”

I’m sure it was, but unless this teacher was telling them they all had to convert to Christianity or get a failing grade, he was simply expressing opinions that students were free to accept or reject. But nowadays, expressing non-Leftist opinions is strictly forbidden. And so, “Students then started debating with the teacher, he said. He recorded a portion of the interchange on his phone and shared the video with KCTV, which goes as follows:

Teacher: Homophobia. What does that mean, like scared of homosexuals?
Student: Homosexuality is a sin in the Bible.
Teacher: Yes.
Student: Meaning it’s a bad thing in the Bible.
Teacher: Yes.
Student: (Unintelligible)
Teacher: Like, what makes saying that homosexuality is wrong not a horrible thing?
Student: Yeah, not a horrible (unintelligible).
Teacher: It’s just a wrong thing.
Students then reportedly asked about other religions.

The student added: “He said that he thinks Muslims are wrong and that Mohammed was a terrible person.”


Neither this student nor the school seems to have made any effort to discover whether or not Muhammad was actually a terrible person; they’re good Leftists, they’re well indoctrinated, and they know it’s wrong even to suggest such a thing. And so Lincoln’s principal, the ironically named Kristian Foster, fired off an email to parents, assuring them that the school was “committed to a school environment that is safe and welcoming for everyone, including honoring separation of church and state within our school community.”

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Great, but unless the teacher was mandating Christian prayer or failing non-Christian students, this wasn’t really a church-and-state issue. Nevertheless, “the student KCTV5 interviewed was pleased with how the administration handled the situation, noting that he emailed the principal from class and the teacher was gone at the end of the next period.” A spokeswoman from the school district noted that “the teacher was removed from the classroom and placed on administrative leave.”

The student who ratted the teacher out crowed: “I’m pretty sure like 99% of everyone is agreeing that he should not come back to school for a while.” He “said there are a significant number of Muslim and LGBTQ+ students at the school, adding that — until yesterday — the teacher was well-liked for giving students a lot of creative freedom on writing assignments.”


The most significant aspect of this sorry incident is that this teacher was denounced by his student, just as in totalitarian regimes such as National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union, where young people, so easily led, were exhorted to report their elders who deviated from the groupthink of the day. At Lincoln College Preparatory Academy, the little Hitler Youth reported his English teacher to his superiors for daring to express his Christian faith, which is so far from what is politically and ideologically correct these days that the young Stalinist was shocked out of his Mao suit when the teacher expressed his convictions that Islam was false and that homosexuality was wrong.

Yet it must be emphasized that the teacher doesn’t appear to have gone beyond that. In other words, he didn’t say that any violence or anything untoward at all should be done to Muslims or homosexuals; he just expressed his disapproval. But that was enough for this budding Stasi agent. When the school suspended the teacher, they said they did so in order to preserve a safe environment for students — because as everyone knows, words that dissent from the Left’s agenda equal violence.

The fact that this young totalitarian’s Muslim friends would affirm their conviction that Christianity is false and that homosexuality is wrong is likely something he does not know, and would not care about if he did know. He knows that Muslims are a protected class and any criticism of Islam would be “Islamophobic.” That is all he knows, and all he needs to know.




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