Florida Man Who Became a Congressman Signs Off House Speech With ‘Let’s Go, Brandon!’

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On the House floor Thursday, a Florida man named Bill Posey, a Republican who has represented the Sunshine State’s 8th Congressional District since 2009, had a great deal to say about the dumpster fire that is Joe Biden’s handlers’ presidency, but his speech is much more likely to be remembered for how he ended it than for what he actually said: Posey concluded his remarks by saying, “Let’s go, Brandon!”


By now the whole world knows that “Let’s go, Brandon!” really means “F*** Joe Biden,” a secret code that everybody is in on, born when an NBC reporter tried vainly to cover for a NASCAR crowd that was chanting “F*** Joe Biden” while she interviewed driver Brandon Brown by claiming that it was chanting “Let’s go, Brandon.” Now “Let’s go, Brandon” has become a chart-topping rap hit and a wry expression of Americans’ dissatisfaction with the corrupt gang of socialists, internationalists, open-borders advocates, and worse that is running things, fronted by a man who, it is increasingly obvious, is barely even there.

Posey surveyed the way things are going as Biden’s handlers’ Build Back Better slogan has become Destroy More Things More Quickly, and said the regime’s program could not “pass a straight-face test.” Posey added: “Based on the false promise that he would unify America, President Biden got into the Oval Office. And my friends on the other side of the aisle gained a razor-thin majority in the House and Senate. But you know, we know, we all know, everybody knows the unification promise was a lie, and your majority is going to be short-lived. So you must feel compelled to rush through a radical agenda before the midterms.”


As a result, Posey said, Americans are “understandably frustrated” and “actually very angry,” and cannot be counted on to “sit back and take it much longer.” He said that Americans want Democrats “to help put America back where you found it and leave it the hell alone.” And then: “Let’s go, Brandon!”

Posey explained to Fox News: “Listen to my speech – like many Americans, I’m frustrated seeing the country quickly decline and the erosion of our civil liberties due to Washington’s policies designed to turn America upside down like the vaccine mandates, silencing parents at school board meetings, rampant crime, broken borders, rising gas and food prices, the weaponizing of the IRS, and a $5 trillion Green New Deal to restructure our lives.”

Indeed. Biden’s handlers have made a mess of things with remarkable speed, and the Florida Congressman didn’t even come close to mentioning all of them. He didn’t say anything about the Afghan refugees who are coming into the country by the tens of thousands despite the fact that no one knows who many of them are, and coming as they are from a jihadi hotspot, it is only reasonable to conclude that at least some of them could be jihad terrorists.


Posey did mention “rising gas and food prices,” but not the absurdity of having a secretary of Transportation who is home from work and playing “Mr. Mom” during a serious and growing supply-chain crisis. And then there’s the disastrous mishandling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and how it has emboldened some of the world’s most malevolent forces, with China behaving with growing aggressiveness toward Taiwan and Iran moving steadily to realize its nuclear ambitions.

The worst aspect of the Biden administration, however, and the one that has made “Let’s go, Brandon!” so popular, is its overweening arrogance and dishonesty. Buttigieg tried to put a good face on the supply-chain crisis by claiming that it was happening because the economy is booming—because Old Joe’s magnificent economic policies have us roaring out of a recession and spending money. It’s hard to tell whether Buttigieg really believes this nonsense, or just hopes we are stupid enough to do so.

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It’s the same with Jen Psaki, who in her brief tenure as Press Secretary, which she has spent addressing an army of pseudo-journalistic sycophants who will do everything within their power to make her boss look good, has earned a reputation for arrogance, condescension, and dissimulation.


Maybe there wouldn’t be so many people chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” if the administration were more open and honest, if Biden (who, as everyone knows, is of completely sound mind and in full possession of his faculties) answered some tough, unscripted questions, and if Biden’s handlers dropped their seemingly endless efforts to gaslight the American people. But Posey is right. Americans are frustrated, and they aren’t getting any answers from an administration that clearly holds them in contempt. Let’s go, Brandon!



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