UP AGAINST THE WALL: California Congressional Candidate Says Anti-Vaxxers Should Be Shot

Steve Cox is a candidate for Congress in California’s 39th Congressional District, and is running as an independent despite sounding like just another far-Left aspiring member of the Squad: He decries the power of lobbyists over politicians from both parties and has made breaking their power the focus of his campaign, while agreeing that there are other issues that “must be fixed, like healthcare, climate change, immigration reform, ending these endless wars, etc.” The “ending the endless wars” bit is not bad, actually, but it’s clear that Cox is another far-Left candidate in a state that is full of them, and as he is a white male with no obvious minority background, his campaign isn’t exactly catching fire: He has as of this writing raised just $2,056 toward his $10,000 goal on a CrowdPac page. But on Monday, Cox gave his campaign a shot in the arm, so to speak, with a novel idea of how to treat opponents of the covid vaccine: shoot them.


It all started when the popular podcaster Matt Walsh tweeted: “COVID is here to stay. You’re going to get it. It almost certainly won’t kill you but it could. You’ll probably get cancer eventually too unless you die first. Lots of scary things out there. Death is certain. Suffering is unavoidable. Stop cowering. Live your life while you can.”

These philosophical musings enraged Cox, who shot back: “Whenever anyone says ‘we all die from something’ (or a variation thereof) to justify not taking precautions to help protect others in this pandemic, we should be allowed to shoot them. ‘Why are you crying? We all die from something.’ For you, it’s that bullet in your gut.”

(Image credit: Steve Cox fundraising page)

On his campaign website, Cox writes:

I am you. You are me. We are the same. We all want the same basic things:

To feel like we matter; that our opinions and beliefs are important, and that we have the power to make the changes we want in our little part of the world.

To feel safe; that we, and our family and friends, are safe, and if there’s danger, that we have the means and ability to protect ourselves and each other.

To feel that we belong; that we are part of something bigger and more important than ourselves, and that our community accepts us just as we are.

All of us are the same. People are people.

That’s how Leftists talk when they’re appealing for your support, but Cox’s totalitarian edge is embedded even in this ostensibly gentle and inviting message: “I am you. You are me. We are the same.” No, we aren’t, but I am painfully aware that authoritarian uniformity and conformism have always been high on the Left’s agenda, or as the renowned former Leftist David Horowitz puts it, “Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out.”


It was not a fashion statement that Communist China made during its Cultural Revolution in the 1960s when everyone dressed in the same drab uniform. No laws were issued, but it was made clear to everyone that dressing differently, and especially in a Western style, was unpatriotic and demonstrated counterrevolutionary tendencies. It was safer and easier just to put on one’s worker’s jacket and go along. The Cultural Revolution’s uniformity of dress said, “I am you, you are me” on a grand scale, illustrating in every daily interaction that the individual was just a cog in the massive machine, an interchangeable part in the great engine of the Communist revolution, an NPC, giving his or her (xis and all that hadn’t been invented yet) all for the sake of the people, the collective.

Millions of people were murdered during China’s Cultural Revolution for refusing, in large or small ways, to become faceless slaves of the ruling class, working for its benefit and its benefit only, while being fed clichés and propaganda about the victory of the workers over capitalism. And today, as our own Cultural Revolution continues to gather steam, many are refusing to take the word of a demonstrably untrustworthy government and healthcare establishment and submit to their diktats like good little cogs in the machine. Steve Cox wants such people shot, just as hordes of Marxist apparatchiks in Communist China, the Soviet Union, and all the other totalitarian regimes that have ever existed and ever will exist have dealt with dissidents.

Steve Cox may not be elected to Congress. In fact, judging from the extremely low level of enthusiasm his candidacy has generated, he probably won’t. But if the Left succeeds in imposing its totalitarian agenda upon the rest of us, he has an extremely bright future ahead, clutching a Kalashnikov and screaming at terrified conservatives, “Up against the wall!”



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