Kamala Harris’ Tardy Notice of Memorial Day Highlights What We All Know About the Democrat Base

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Kamala Harris is getting some heat for tweeting “Enjoy the long weekend” on Saturday, without bothering to mention that it’s Memorial Day weekend, the time to honor those who have died in defense of our nation’s freedom. She made up for the clearly pointed omission on Sunday, tweeting a pro forma note about the “service and sacrifice” of our military personnel, but by then the damage was done. Not that anyone in her base will mind that she snubbed those who gave their lives so that we might live in peace and freedom – among them, her second message is likelier to raise more hackles than her first.


Harris is, after all, vice president thanks to the support of the Democrat Party’s kingmakers. Their decision to go with her was odd, as it elevated the presidential candidate who garnered almost no support and was the first to drop out of a crowded field to the position of president-of-the-United-States-in-waiting. Why did they do it? Because of her indefatigable commitment to the far-Left agenda.

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nomination went to Old Joe Biden not because of his charisma (he has all the oily faux-charm of a crooked old ward-heeler), and not because of his intellect (over nearly fifty years in Washington, he’s done a great deal to earn a reputation as a dim bulb), and emphatically not because of his clean record (evidence of his corruption continues to mount, including new indications of a payoff from Russia). But the establishment media was tirelessly touting Dr. Dementia as an amiable centrist and the only candidate who could beat Donald Trump; paradoxically, as the load of manure about Biden’s centrism was being sold to the American people, the only way Old White Joe’s handlers could secure the support of the increasingly powerful radical Leftist wing of the party was to promise that the Biden administration would carry out their agenda.

They have been true to their word. And what is that agenda? Two incidents from last summer encapsulate it perfectly. Journalist Andy Ngo reported in late August 2020 that “around 700 black bloc militants and their supporters rampaged through Oakland, Cal. They chanted ‘death to America’ while starting fires and smashing cars and buildings.” The week before that, according to Townhall’s Julio Rosas, “An American flag was just burned outside the Kenosha County Courthouse. One woman screams, ‘Death to America!’ and kicks the fence.”


If screaming “Death to America” didn’t make it clear where Biden/Harris’ most powerful and influential base of support stood, the attacks on monuments did. In their statue-destroying frenzy last summer, Leftists tore down statues not just of Confederate generals, but of Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and even Frederick Douglass, all of whom paid a considerable price to rid the nation of slavery and racial injustice. And if that weren’t enough, the 1619 Project recast American history as a long, dismal record of slavery, racism, and oppression, without so much as a nod toward the fact that this country has up until quite recently been the freest society on earth for people of all races.

The Left’s agenda was clear: they wanted, and still want, to make you ashamed of American history so that you won’t see in America anything worth defending. As the country continues to be assaulted from within and from outside, loving America is way out of fashion. It’s just not done.

That’s Kamala Harris’ base. The people who believe that America is a racist, white supremacist entity that must be rebuilt from the ground up are the people Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s handlers are counting on to cheerlead for their agenda and beat back the evil “America First” crowd. So as Memorial Day drew closer, for Harris to acknowledge it would have been tantamount to endorsing Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis for president in 2024. If the idea that the President of the United States should put our nation first is now controversial and partisan, then the party that rejects it (and the corrupt and compromised controlled opposition on the other side of the aisle, as well) can’t very well be seen endorsing manifestations of it.


It will now be interesting to see if Harris’ supporters let her belated acknowledgment of Memorial Day slide, or excoriate her for endorsing “white supremacism,” imperialism, oppression, Zionism, whatever, and bowing to the Trumpists. What’s a good radical Leftist vice president to do?


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