With Cities Running Out of Room to House Them, Biden Increases the Number of Asylum-seekers Allowed Into the U.S.

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The Biden Administration has made sure there isn’t a visible problem with asylum seekers and illegal aliens at the border. They’ve invented a way to process individuals in record time so that up to 1,250 a day can be allowed into the country.


It’s a phone app known as CBP One and since it was introduced in January, as many as 120,000 people have entered the country simply by accessing the app and scheduling an appointment with border patrol to see if their asylum claim is valid.

CBP One allows asylum seekers and illegal aliens to get around rules that are supposed to allow the CBP to vet the new arrivals to make sure they aren’t criminals or terrorists. Processing 1,250 illegal aliens a day should not be anyone’s ideal of “vetting” anybody.

The New York Sun:

The Border Patrol has never conducted interviews of potential asylum-seekers at the border at the scale it is currently doing so. The previous record, of an average of 283 a day during fiscal 2019, has been shattered by the current pace of about 1,000 such appointments a day. Under the new plan, officials want to conduct at least 1,250 interviews daily.

The 40,000 a month figure is on top of the 30,000 migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela that the administration is allowing into the country. Citizens from those countries are allowed to apply for asylum at home and fly directly to America if they have sponsors. As many as 1.5 million people from those countries have applied for asylum.


New York Mayor Eric Adams has made impassioned pleas to Joe Biden, begging him to help his city deal with the massive influx of illegals. He’s tried putting them in abandoned prisons, sending them out of his city to other counties, and finally, trying to house them in public schools while classes are still in session.

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It needn’t be said that Biden couldn’t give a flying fig what happens in the cities. He can easily blame the mayors of those big Democratic cities for the disaster. Case in point: Chicago just approved $51 million to site overcrowded illegal alien shelters somewhere else while there’s apparently no money to give to house the city’s homeless. Chicagoans are not blaming Biden. They’re blaming the brand new mayor, Brandon Johnson, who had no idea the hornet’s nest he stirred up.

“Not my problem,” says Biden.

The administration’s plan has already prompted lawsuits from the state of Texas as well as the attorneys general of more than a dozen other Republican-led states, both of which argue that the Biden administration — in an effort to minimize a public relations disaster at the border and in major cities coping with the influx of asylum-seekers — is merely substituting legal migration for illegal migration.

“In a truly Orwellian twist, the federal government has depicted this latest measure as a tool for reducing illegal immigration,” a complaint filed Wednesday by the attorney general of Indiana, Todd Rokita, says. “The Biden Administration’s unlawful parole policies will increase the number of unlawful aliens in the United States by guaranteeing a quicker path to quasi-legal status in the United States (with accompanying work permits and access to entitlement programs and social services).”


Only Congress can change the immigration laws. Biden has been told this by the Supreme Court and every federal court on down. And yet, he keeps trying to circumvent the law. This pleases the open borders advocates, who are some of his biggest supporters, but the rest of us? Not so much.




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