Trans Marathoner Runs as a Woman Months After Running as a Man

Glenique Frank, a 52-year-old male athlete who now identifies as female, ran in the London Marathon as a woman, defeating more than 14,000 females.

Frank ran in the New York City Marathon in February, finishing 14,096th out of 26,539. Frank is a mediocre runner in any sex so whatever advantage Frank had running as a woman wasn’t enough to improve Frank’s status as an athlete.


“How can they say that I’ve cheated, who have I cheated? I did it in four hours and 11 minutes,” Franks told MailOnline.

The 14,000 real women Franks finished ahead of were certainly cheated, and the entire London Marathon was tainted by Frank’s participation.

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Frank appears to be something of a publicity hound given that Frank ran as a man in the NYC race and claims to have run as a man in the Tokyo Marathon. But that’s a lie, too.

Elite marathon runner and coach Mara Yamauchi says Frank should never have been allowed to compete.


“Girl power!,” Frank said to a reporter after the London event, flexing his biceps and abdomen muscles for the camera. Frank listed all the other races he’s participated in recently. For all of those, he was referred to as “Glen” rather than “Glenique.”

“My beautiful son stood there” on the sidelines to support, Frank said. “He’s having a baby, so I’m going to be a granny.”


The intense backlash against Frank must have convinced the marathoner to retreat. Frank apologized for running as a woman and promised not to run as a woman again until Frank got a sex change operation.

“When Glen becomes Glenique and gets female genitalia she will enter as a female,” Frank said.


Glenique Frank, a biological male who identifies as a woman, has apologised for competing in the London Marathon in the female category. Telegraph Sport had highlighted how the runner was able to exploit a loophole in UK Athletics’ updated transgender policy to take part.

After lining up in the recent New York and Tokyo Marathons as a man, Glen Frank, 54, was permitted to enter last Sunday’s race as a woman, Glenique, recording a time of 4hr 11min 28sec and finishing in 6,160th place in a female field of more than 20,000. Frank has committed not to run another race as a female until undergoing surgery, also promising not to enter any women’s competitive races where there is prize money involved.

Frank’s apology comes in response to scathing comments from Mara Yamauchi, the third fastest British female marathon runner in history, who told Telegraph Sport “World Athletics and UK Athletics have rules that post-puberty males competing in the female category is unfair. This male competed under UK Athletics’ transitional arrangements, but it is still wrong and unfair.”

Gradually, as science proves in study after study boys who transition to female after the onset of puberty will always have an advantage over biological females, international sports governing bodies are banning most transgender athletes from competition outside of their biological sex if they’ve transitioned after puberty. Since almost all transgendered individuals are prevented from transitioning until they reach the age of reason, it becomes a virtual ban on participation in international competitions by transgendered people.

Frank is a sideshow looking for 15 minutes of fame. But the issues Frank brings to the fore are important and shouldn’t be brushed away.



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