For That 'Uncle' Who Likes Trump, the White House Issued Some Talking Points for the Family. They Didn't Go Over Well

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Joe Biden is in Nantucket for Thanksgiving, staying at the home of one of his billionaire friends.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain tweeted out a “list of accomplishments” of the Biden administration that’s part comedy part tragedy. The comedy comes from Klain’s purpose in posting the talking points: to use when “that Uncle comes at you about POTUS.”


The tragedy comes from what Klain believes to be an “accomplishment.”

And what about using talking points at a family dinner?

Even Margaret Hartmann of the liberal New York Magazine thought that Klain went too far.

I get that spreading the word about Biden’s accomplishments is the administration’s job. And I’m even thankful that it accomplished various things on this list. But the White House is misunderstanding the deal that I and 81 million of my fellow Americans tacitly struck with Joe Biden. We turned out to vote for him in 2020 precisely so we wouldn’t have to show up to Thanksgiving with talking points.


And Hartmann pointed out the futility of pushing talking points with the midterms behind us and 2024 not on anyone’s radar.

Also, what’s the point of defending Biden’s accomplishments at the Thanksgiving table this year? The midterms are (mostly) over, and we’re two years out from a presidential election we’re not even totally sure Biden will participate in.

So for the love of God, please do not show up to Thanksgiving dinner with this list or any other political talking points. If you must talk to your Trumpy relatives, just make some cracks about Elon Musk trying to destroy Twitter and save your strength for 2024.

Cockburn states the obvious:

Klain claims that “gas prices are down by $1.35/gallon since June and inflation is moderating”, which while technically true, requires you to ignore the fact that gas prices were over $4.90/gallon in June.

He uses the same laughable logic regarding inflation: it has “moderated” from a multiple-decade’s high of 9.1 percent in June to a still painful 7.7 percent. Cockburn also wonders if inflation would be so high if Biden had not unnecessarily spent trillions of dollars upon entering office. As the Twitter fact-checkers would say, where is the context?!


This is something my aunt would say.


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