Former CIA Chief Hayden Implies Trump Should Be Executed

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Michael Beschloss, a presidential historian and frequent contributor to MSNBC, got quite hysterical after it was revealed that there were “nuclear documents” found at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Largo home during the search on Monday.


Beschloss decided it was a good time to remind his Twitter followers of what happens to people who turn over nuclear secrets to the enemy:

What makes this tweet beneath contempt is that, of course, Trump didn’t turn over any documents to a foreign enemy, and the nature of the classified documents has so far not been revealed. What we know is that some of the documents were classified as “Top Secret” — the highest security classification.

But there has been absolutely no confirmation from any source — anonymous or otherwise — that any of the documents contained nuclear secrets.

Nevertheless, Beschloss’s outrageously stupid tweet found an admirer in the former head of the NSA and CIA, Michael Hayden.

Beschloss’s idiocy aside, why was the former head of two clandestine agencies making approving noises about executing anyone? That didn’t sit well with Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy.


Fox News:

Dunleavy wrote, “NBD [no big deal] just a former NSA & CIA Director (who also was among the dozens of ex-intel officials who signed the infamous October 2020 Hunter Biden laptop letter) out here suggesting that Trump should be executed.”

The “Hunter Biden laptop letter” was a document signed by “over 50 former U.S. intelligence officials” asserting that the laptop allegedly containing dirty secrets about the private life and business dealings of the then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son was Russian “disinformation.”

However, it has since been confirmed that the laptop and its content regarding Hunter Biden are real.

I miss the old days when former intel chiefs had class and kept their nose out of political debates. Hayden was NSA chief during the agency’s massive data grab after 9/11 — an event he and his agency had missed that caused the deaths of 3,000 Americans. Hayden was also accused of lying to Congress in 2007 about the CIA’s torture regime.

People who live in glass houses…

And Hayden holds no love for Trump. Washington Examiner:

Hayden, a retired four-star Air Force general who served as director of the National Security Agency and later the CIA under former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, endorsed Joe Biden for president in 2020. “If there’s another term for President Trump, I don’t know what happens to America. Truth is really important but especially in intelligence. President Trump doesn’t care about facts,” Hayden, who suffers from aphasia as a result of a stroke in 2018, said in an ad from Republican Voters Against Trump.


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Any scholar worth his salt — and any former intel chief — would wait for more information to become available before calling for the execution of a former president. But that kind of thinking — cautious, reasoned, logical — is beyond the ability of a “historian” who makes his living shilling for a left-wing propaganda organ and a former general who has forgotten what honor and respect mean.



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