Wisconsin Democratic Senate Candidate One of Many Who Oppose Rolling Back Title 42

(John Hart/Wisconsin State Journal via AP, File)

Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate Mandela Barnes is the latest Democrat to break with Joe Biden on his plan to roll back Title 42 immigration rules in May.

It’s notable because Barnes supports the Green New Deal and Medicare For All as well as other radical Democratic proposals.


But Barnes has latched on to a lifeline. A bill to delay Biden’s lifting Title 42 has been introduced in Congress and Democratic candidates, desperate to protect their left flank from attacks by open borders radicals, are flocking to support it.


But the measure introduced Thursday would require the administration to first end the national COVID-19 public health emergency declaration and then notify Congress about a planned termination of Title 42. After such notification is made, the CDC would have to wait at least 60 days before rescinding Title 42.

During that 60-day timeframe, the CDC would be required to consult with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which oversees border agents, to submit a plan to Congress about how the government would address a potential spike in migrant arrivals once Title 42 is lifted.

So how is the government going to handle 240,000 illegal aliens caught at the border the first month after Title 42 is lifted? That’s what DHS is saying the surge in illegals will be. Even a brain-dead lefty can see the catastrophe those numbers represent.


But the bill to delay lifting Title 42 until the government has a “plan” to address the problem is absurd. Delaying the inevitable crush of humanity at our border doesn’t begin to address the problem. It’s just a politically motivated band-aid placed over a gaping wound. A permanent solution to the problem has to be found. That’s why Joe Biden put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of finding a regional solution to the crisis of illegal immigration.

I’m sure the vice president will get right on that — just as soon as she’s finished screaming at her staff.

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As of now, there are six Democratic House members and five Democratic senators who are supporting a delay in lifting Title 42 restrictions. They’re hoping if they kick the can down the road far enough, the problem will go away.

That’s not going to happen. Something more permanent must be found.

Daily Mail:

‘Title 42 should not be lifted,’ Cuellar told Fox News when announcing he signed onto the legislation, claiming if his party doesn’t ‘stand up and do the right thing, they’re going to be hit hard by the Republicans’ in the 2022 midterm elections.

‘But some of us are standing up and saying this is the right thing to do for the border,’ the Texas congressman said of keeping Title 42 in play.

‘We all believe in immigration reform, but we don’t want chaos at the border. We want law and order at the border.’


It’s inevitable — if you open the border, there will be chaos no matter how well the administration plans for it. And given this administration’s track record, it won’t be pretty to watch when the Biden administration opens the floodgates.


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