Even Chicago's Woke Mayor Is Fed Up With State's Prosecutor Kim Foxx

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is hardly a law and order politician, but even she is getting disgusted by the antics of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.


Foxx, who allowed actor Jussie Smollet to walk following the exposure of his hate crime hoax, has made several other questionable decisions  that have enraged police and law-abiding citizens. And now even radical Mayor Lightfoot is questioning her judgment.

City Journal:

On August 15, seven-year-old Serenity Broughton was sitting in the backseat of a car with her six-year-old sister. A gunman blasted away at someone near the car, killing Serenity and critically wounding her sister. Even in a city as violent as Chicago, the death of a little girl hit home. Chicago PD detectives worked around the clock and built a case against a suspect. But Foxx’s office declined to arrest the suspect and attempted instead to cast blame on police by implying that their investigation was deficient. Meantime, five participants in a gunfight that killed one person were released from custody this week, with Foxx reportedly citing “mutual combat” as the reason for dropping the case.

What can police do when a prosecutor won’t prosecute?

Then, late last week, four gunmen drove up to a home in the Austin neighborhood, exited the car, and opened fire. There was return fire from inside the home–and when the smoke had cleared, one person was dead.

The scene was witnessed by police officers and caught on street cam. Foxx refused to bring charges and reportedly cited “mutual combat” as the reason.


For Lightfoot, it was unbelievable that Foxx refused to prosecute.

Fox News:

“I’d like her to explain because I can’t explain it,” Lightfoot said, referring to Foxx’s decision not to pursue charges. “I’m getting calls from residents. I’m getting calls from other officials. We have to understand how it’s possible when this kind of shootout is captured on film that there were no charges on any person even though people were brought into custody and arrested.”

“Whatever evidence that needs to be gathered, the police department is going to be Johnny on the spot and make sure we get it,” Lightfoot said after appearing with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge at an unrelated event. “But this is, to me, a very compelling case.”

Foxx tore into Lightfoot for her interference in the investigation.

Chicago Sun-Times:

“I was quite honestly mortified by what happened yesterday, particularly because the mayor as a former prosecutor knows that what she did yesterday was inappropriate,” Foxx said during her news conference in Englewood.

The rebuke came after Lightfoot and five West Side City Council members voiced concerns Monday about the blanket rejection in the case and urged Foxx to at least reconsider charging two of the alleged instigators.

Though Foxx wouldn’t say what she believes Lightfoot got wrong, she noted that Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan conceded during a budget hearing Monday that the evidence was insufficient to bring the charges against the five members of warring factions of the Four Corner Hustlers street gang.


Is it any wonder that the morale of the Chicago police is at an all-time low? The mayor hung them out to dry last summer following protests that caused millions of dollars in property damage and threatened civilians of all races with violence. Now the state’s attorney refuses to prosecute violent criminals for a “lack of evidence” despite the whole shooting being caught on camera.

Kim Foxx and her radical backers are getting exactly what George Soros paid for. Her policies won’t reduce violent crime, and fewer people will go to jail. And more criminals will be released without bail to offend over and over again until they show up in Ms. Foxx’s court, where they get a wrist slap and are free to offend some more.

Even Chicago’s woke mayor is sickened by what’s happening.

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