Will the Immigration Issue Be the Democrats' Undoing in 2022?

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The past week has seen an unraveling of the Democratic coalition that elected Joe Biden president. And the issue that set it off was Joe Biden’s grand vision of fixing the immigration system.


But Biden’s vision didn’t account for the realities at the southern border. And the catalyst was the Haitian exodus to the United States that didn’t work out for the newcomers or Joe Biden’s government. The images of CPB agents on horseback trying to protect the border were tailor-made for activists eager to compare anything and everything the Border Patrol does to slavery and racism. They gratefully pounced on the images, using them to illustrate…something bad. And this forced the usual suspects in the activist community to respond.

Mainstream Democrats criticized Biden for the treatment of the Haitians. So did the Hispanic Caucus, the Black Caucus, the Asian Pacific American Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, and 17 Democratic attorneys general.

If you get the feeling that Biden’s radical friends are starting to desert him, you’d be right.


Taken together, the scathing criticism revealed the growing political cost of the disconnect between Biden’s promise of a fair and humane immigration system and his use of a Trump-era public health order to kick out migrants — a crack in the Democratic coalition that threatens the party’s morale and unity in advance of the 2022 midterms.

“The continued use of Title 42 is a glaring failure by this administration,” said Julián Castro, former Democratic presidential candidate and housing secretary in the Obama administration. “Its continued use will not only hurt people who are seeking a better life, but risks the collapse of the Democratic coalition that elected Joe Biden.”

Title 42 allows the government to quickly deport most refugees and illegal aliens who are captured by the Border Patrol. It’s grounded in an obscure public health rule that gives the government the authority to prevent some people from entering the United States during a public health emergency.

Biden almost lifted the order in July, but then the Delta variant of the coronavirus hit the U.S. hard and lifting Title 42 was delayed. The issue is slowly working its way through the courts but remains the government’s main weapon against the massive influx of refugees that will overwhelm border facilities once it is lifted.

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And the Biden administration has given no thought to lifting it anytime soon.

ABC News:

When asked last Friday what is being done to remediate the situation in Del Rio and what has caused the recent increase of migrants at that port of entry, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said DHS would continue to use Title 42 to its fullest extent to help expel individuals arriving at the border.

“…we have the authority to expel individuals under the laws that Centers for Disease control have,” Mayorkas told ABC News. “It is their public health authority under Title 42 and that is what we will bring to bear to address the situation in Del Rio, Texas.”

If Title 42 is declared unconstitutional — as it certainly could be — the crush of refugees at the border will overwhelm our facilities. “U.S. law says that any person in the United States or at the border with the United States has a right to seek asylum,” said Olga Byrne, the immigration director at the International Rescue Committee. That right includes a court hearing to protect the asylum seekers’ due process rights. Court decisions also require the government to release an asylum seeker into the U.S. while awaiting his or her court date — three to five years down the road.

The radical immigration activists of the Democratic Party don’t care if there’s chaos at the border. All they care about is a radical vision of nations without borders. Borders are racist. Borders are inhumane. Tearing them down is necessary to achieve the goal of equality and brotherhood for all.

Even if it sends most of us to the poor house.

The Democrats who are opposing Joe Biden are far more interested in achieving their radical goals than in getting Joe Biden and other Democrats elected. That’s why they may be the GOP’s best hope going into 2022.



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