Biden Administration Begging, Trying to Bribe Taliban Not to Attack Our Billion-Dollar Afghan Embassy

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The Biden administration is putting out feelers to the Taliban begging them not to attack our embassy in Kabul and are dangling foreign aid as a bribe.

It’s a fitting end to our involvement in a “Forever War” that ended up with the United States bartering with the enemy for a safe exit.


The Biden administration is already urging Americans there who are not working for the government to get out while the going is good.

There are 1,400 Americans working at our billion-dollar embassy in Kabul and the Biden administration would rather not have a repeat of the Saigon experience where pictures and films showing our evacuation from the U.S. embassy depicted people hanging out of helicopters trying desperately to leave. The images made an indelible mark on many Americans of that generation.

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That won’t happen as long as Biden and the Americans can toss a few billion dollars in aid toward the Taliban.

New York Times:

American diplomats now are trying to determine how soon they may need to evacuate the U.S. Embassy should the Taliban prove to be more bent on destruction than a détente. On Thursday, the embassy urged Americans who were not working for the U.S. government to leave Afghanistan immediately on commercial flights.

Biden administration officials insist that there are no immediate plans to significantly draw down the embassy’s staff of 4,000 employees, including about 1,400 Americans, as U.S. troops formally complete their withdrawal from the country.

Reports from Afghanistan suggest the Taliban will not be in a very cooperative mood when they hit Kabul. Taliban fighters are reportedly executing surrendering Afghan government troops. So the U.S. tweeted about it.

Biden is having diplomats fan out across the globe searching for allies who will assist the U.S. in forcing the Taliban to the negotiating table with the Afghan government to allow for a peaceful handover of power.

There don’t appear to be many takers.

Washington Post:

The Biden administration has mounted a last-ditch effort this week to convince the Taliban, as it continues its relentless march across Afghanistan, that the world will reject it if it takes over the entire country by force.

In the largest such gathering since U.S.-Taliban talks began nearly two years ago, representatives from Russia, China, Afghanistan’s regional neighbors, European powers, the European Union, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations have converged on Doha, Qatar, for U.S.-led meetings with the militants.

The hope is that sheer numbers and a unified stance — both during the Taliban meetings and in a tough joint statement to be issued after their last session Thursday — will disabuse the militants of any notion that there are cracks in international resolve to cut any Taliban government off from all diplomatic contact and assistance.

No one should have any illusions. The Taliban are first and foremost fanatical Muslim extremists who don’t give a fig what the world thinks about them. They’ve been isolated and alone before. They will do it again if they think it’s OK with Allah.

The U.S. involvement is not going to end well. About the best we can hope is that there won’t be a bloodbath.



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