Biden's Border Disorder: Feds Released 50,000 Illegals Into the U.S. Without Even Giving Them a Court Date

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The Border Patrol has released about 50,000 illegal immigrants into the United States without giving them a date to appear in court.

Instead, the illegals were given a list of addresses and contacts for ICE offices all across the country and told to report to one of them within 60 days.


Not surprisingly, ICE had few takers.


Just 6,700 migrants who crossed between mid-March and mid-July showed up at ICE offices as of Monday, one source briefed on Department of Homeland Security data told Axios.

16,000 have not showed up and passed the 60-day reporting window they were given. That’s 2.4 no-shows for every one that has checked in.

Another roughly 27,000 migrants who crossed and were released during the same time frame have yet to turn up, but remain within the 60-day window for reporting. One DHS official emphasized that nearly 70% of migrants are within the 60-day window or have reported to ICE.

No one is surprised at this. Well, almost no one. The White House is doing its best to say this is all just routine and everything will be fine in the end.

“We will always be a nation of borders, and we will enforce our immigration laws in a way that is fair and just. We will continue to work to fortify an orderly immigration system,” the White House said in a fact sheet released Tuesday morning.

If you’re as bad at math as I am, you might not have figured out that there are 2.4 no-shows for every illegal who bothers to show up at an ICE facility.

Meanwhile migrants continue to be released. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) told Axios that as of Monday, 7,300 migrants in the Rio Grande Valley sector had been released during the past week without court dates

Cuellar said the total number of migrants released since March was up to 55,000.


Please note that there has been no falloff at all in the number of illegals captured at the border. But try to find a story about the deluge at the border in the mainstream media. As long as the White House maintains the fiction that these are just “seasonal increases” and there’s nothing to worry about, the border crisis will be the biggest non-story of the year.

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There are tens of thousands of grateful illegal aliens who will now disappear into the netherworld of illegal residency. They will be hidden by activists, helped by mainstream churches, coddled by local governments. They will also be employed by criminal businessmen who will pay them starvation wages and threaten to turn them over to ICE if they complain to anyone.

Taking care of illegal aliens is a racket — a public/private/criminal enterprise that rakes in billions of dollars in profit every year. Slimy businessmen rub elbows with pious churchmen and greedy politicians who look the other way while the illegals are exploited right under their noses.


Need a social security number? Ask the church worker where you can get a social security card of some dead person. Need a list of businesses that will hire illegals sight unseen? Ask your friendly Democratic Party alderman or activist. The reason it’s impossible to stop illegal immigration is that too many people are profiting from it.

Remember that the next time some empty-headed leftist tries to lecture you about “immigration.”


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