Anti-Semitic Attacks On the Rise As the Left Continues to Incite Violence

AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

Even though there’s a cease-fire in Gaza as Israel and Hamas catch their breath before the next round of terrorist attacks and retaliation, the violence against Jews in the United States is escalating.


A pro-Palestinian mob attacked two Jewish customers at a well-known bagel shop in Manhattan. Amit Skornik and Snir Dayan are Israeli army veterans who went out for a bite to eat. The mob confronted them after Dayan attached a small Israeli flag to his motorcycle.

In another incident, a pro-Palestinian was arrested during a March and charged with a hate crime after beating a Jewish bystander.

Wall Street Journal:

Waseem Awawdeh, 23 years old, is accused of attacking the 29-year-old Jewish man on Thursday night on Broadway near West 49th Street as protesters made their way through Times Square and clashed with pro-Israeli counterdemonstrators and police, the officials said.

The suspect was among a group of five or six people who made anti-Semitic comments while punching, kicking and pepper spraying the victim, the officials said. The group also beat the victim with a crutch, according to the officials. The victim was hospitalized and was in stable condition, according to the police officials.


There have been several other anti-Semitic attacks across the country. But the anti-racists on the left who can certainly scream loud enough if a policeman kills a black person, have suddenly gone mute. Either they aren’t speaking up or have actively taken up the Palestinian cause.

Not even when the anti-Semitism descends to the tribal level.

Where is the left to man the barricades, march in support of human rights and human dignity?  They’re too busy posing as champions of tolerance and diversity.


While anti-Zionist gangs beat up Jews in her city, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was providing a quasi-intellectual basis for their actions, defaming Israel as an apartheid state employing indiscriminate force in what she seems to think is a capricious quest to murder as many Palestinian children as possible, instead of a highly restrained military operation tightly targeted on terrorists.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez didn’t call for violence, but she carved out an area of respectability for a certain type of anti-Semitism, and others were only too happy to rush in, fists flying.


The left has taken to comparing the struggle for civil rights in America with the Palestinian terrorists’ struggle to destroy Israel. At a time when Israel is beating back an effort by Palestinians to murder their civilians by deliberately lobbying rockets into residential areas of Jewish cities, the left has chosen to champion their cause.

Washington Free Beacon:

The Jews now have a state and an army, facts that provide the fig leaf for the new anti-Semitism now exhibited by left-wing Democrats, academics, and Jewish radicals. The old hatred has found new life in characterizing Jews as oppressors and the genocidal Hamas as victim.

In a kind of provincial stupidity the left would abhor in almost any other context, the liberal elite has conflated caricatures of the Palestinian experience with that of the minority experience in the United States.

The left-wing congressman Jamaal Bowman (D., N.Y.), his anti-Semitism cloaked in the argot of the social justice warrior, has called on Israel to stop brutalizing and murdering “Black and brown bodies.”

We have constantly heard the mantra from the left that “you can oppose Israel and oppose anti-Semitism.” That’s very true. Israel is certainly not untouchable. They have made mistakes, They have made foolish decisions, as any other state does from time to time.


But the Free Beacon has it exactly right. The new anti-Semitism is the old anti-Semitism dressed up in social justice rhetoric. It incites violence against Jews just as surely as the obscene, nauseating anti-Semitism of those Palestinians in London screaming to rape the daughters of Jews.

There is absolutely no difference. And the radicals would see that if they weren’t so besotted with a warped concept of “justice”


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