Cook County Prosecutor Kim Foxx Didn't See Video of Adam Toledo Shooting Before Court Statement

(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

When last we met Cook County district attorney Kim Foxx, she was trying to defend her decision not to prosecute actor Jussie Smollett for his fake hate crime story. Foxx is on defense again today, trying to explain why no one in her office viewed the bodycam footage in the shooting of Adam Toledo by a Chicago police officer before releasing a statement in court that said the 13-year old was armed at the time he was shot.


“I recognize the significant public interest in this case, the horrific end of a life for a 13-year-old boy at the time when police engagement is under tremendous scrutiny,” Foxx said. “And (I recognize) that our version of events at that time was the only version of events that people had, and people give great trust to that.”

Foxx is trying to find a way to be excused for telling the truth. The kid threw the gun away a second before he was shot — any reasonable review board or jury would understand that in the cop’s mind, Adam Toledo was, indeed, armed.

But reason and logic left the building a long time ago in Chicago.

“We have taken the last week to figure out who should have flagged it, what the discrepancy was, why the discrepancy was made and what happened along the chain to allow this to happen,” Foxx told the Tribune.

Chicago Tribune:

When asked why the office waited six days to publicly clarify their statement, Foxx said the question was “valid, and it is one of the things we’re trying to get an answer to and make available to the public.”

“It’s not lost on me that this does look fishy, it’s not lost on me that this has shaken confidence, it is something I personally am concerned about, have been concerned about from the beginning, and we want to make sure that we are public with what happened here and how we make sure this doesn’t happen again,” she said.


“Factually, yes, the description of (Toledo) having the gun, where the gun was placed in the lead-up to the shooting, was accurate,” she said. “But … the impression that was left with many that the gun was in his hand at the time that he was shot.”

This is important to those who are trying to make this case another national kabuki play about police brutality, police racism, and “black lives matter” — at least some black lives. If you’re shot and killed by a gangbanger while standing on your front lawn, the Black Lives Matter folk don’t think your life matters very much at all. In order to join the ranks of martyrs to police racism, you must be unarmed and killed by a policeman — even if you’re armed less than a second before a fatal shot is fired, it’s OK because the propaganda spinmeisters can magically transform reality into fantasy and make “almost unarmed” as potent as gunning a black teen down in cold blood.

Nothing that comes out of this investigation into the death of Adam Toledo can be trusted. No statement, no “evidence,” will ever exonerate the officer or portray the young man as anything other than a victim of police racism. The narrative is set, the actors have been given their lines, and the extras are chomping at the bit to play their role as a Greek chorus in this tragedy.


Curtain, up! Let the play begin.


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