Climate Czar Kerry 'Hopeful' the U.S. Can Work With China on Climate Change

Democratic National Convention via AP

Is there any U.S. politician/diplomat of the last 100 years that’s been as clueless and delusional about the intentions of America’s enemies as John Kerry?


You might think a priest or rabbi would see the best of intentions in their enemies. But given the responsibilities John Kerry has taken on since he left the Senate in 2012, you would be justified in wondering why this man was put in the position of protecting U.S. interest in any circumstances.

Kerry’s Vietnam betrayal was only the beginning. As Secretary of State under Barack Obama, he consistently undermined the state of Israel while starting a civil war in Syria that is still going on. As chief negotiator with Iran to try and curb their nuclear ambitions, he enabled the Iranian state’s designs for hegemony in the region by negotiating the most dangerous agreement in U.S. diplomatic history. Not only did the deal fail to stop Iran’s enrichment program, it gave Iran billions of dollars in sanctions relief and released billions more held by U.S. after Iran nationalized American businesses after the revolution. This windfall proved vital to the terrorist group Hezbollah and other radical Islamic groups in the region.

Now Kerry is the “special envoy” for climate. What other damage can he do to U.S. interests? He appears to be playing into China’s hands by thinking Beijing wants to cooperate with the rest of the world in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

This is a Communist government that has refused to cooperate in discovering the origins of the coronavirus pandemic — information that is vital if we are to stop the next international health emergency. Why should they give a flying fig about the world’s climate?


“Our hope is that we’re going to be able to deal with yes, China,” Kerry told reporters during a visit to the United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi on Saturday. “President Biden has made it clear and I’ve made it clear: none of the other issues we have with China — and there are issues — is held hostage to or is engaged in a trade for what we need to do on climate.”

Apparently, we don’t care if they employ the Uighur Muslims as slave laborers in their cotton fields and factories. We don’t care if they’re brutally crushing freedom in Hong Kong. We almost certainly wouldn’t mind if China invaded Taiwan.

It’s more important that we talk about carbon emissions and lofty goals about cutting carbon “pollution.”


China has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2060 while U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration is expected to announce a new target for reducing emissions at a global climate summit on April 22.

Kerry will take part in a climate dialogue for the Middle East and North Africa hosted by Abu Dhabi on Sunday. The UAE said the dialogue would focus on national and regional preparations ahead of a United Nations climate summit to be held in Glasgow in November.

Kerry said the countries would discuss how to reduce a reliance on coal, as well as how to “raise ambitions” on climate change ahead of November’s conference.


Democrats have already destroyed the coal industry in the United States so it’s hard to imagine what they will discuss with China. The Chinese are heavily dependent on coal for power generation. As the world sings China’s praises for its goal to be “carbon neutral” by 2060, China added nearly 30 megawatts of coal-fired electrical capacity in 2020.

China approved the construction of a further 36.9 GW of coal-fired capacity last year, three times more than a year earlier, bringing the total under construction to 88.1 GW. It now has 247 GW of coal power under development, enough to supply the whole of Germany.

While China is adding coal-fired electrical capacity, the rest of the world is cutting it. Unfortunately, the world isn’t cutting as fast as China is adding.

That’s climate change for you.

Beijing doesn’t care about real international cooperation on anything. Kerry’s futile quest will only result in China winning again while the U.S. is left holding the bag.


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