Joe Biden's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad $3 Trillion Stimulus Boondoggle

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Drunken sailors are protesting today against Joe Biden’s scathingly brilliant idea to spend $3 trillion that we don’t have on buying the 2024 election. “Not even we would think of spending that much money,” one of the drunken sailors slurred.


That’s silly, of course. Drunken sailors aren’t anymore careful with their money than Joe Biden is with ours. They’ve got nothing to complain about. And isn’t that the point?

Biden’s plan is two-fold; nearly $1 trillion to rebuild roads, bridges, interstate highways, water treatment facilities, the electrical grid, gas mains, airports (breath), and anything green the Democrats can dream up. The second part of the proposal would deal with education, child care, and teachers (unions), along with “free” childcare, “free” universal pre-K, “free” community college, and mandatory paid leave.

I detect a pattern here. All this free stuff means no one has to pay for it, right? Well, not exactly. The Biden team’s brilliant plan is to make the “rich” pay for it by raising taxes on wealthy people and corporations.

It won’t matter. You won’t have to pay for it. And your kids will probably avoid the final reckoning as well. Your grandchildren may not be so lucky.


Though politicians on both sides of the political aisle agree that U.S. infrastructure needs repair, they have not come to a consensus over which items to pay for and how best to finance the massive undertaking.

Some moderates, including conservative Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, have made it clear they will only vote for a plan that makes a genuine attempt at bipartisanship and is nearly entirely paid for. Democrats approved the pandemic aid package on their own through budget reconciliation, and some members of the caucus have supported using the process to pass an infrastructure plan.


No Republican is going to sign on to any plan that raises taxes on anyone. That much is assured. Coming out of a deep recession because of the pandemic, it would be economic suicide to raises taxes — especially on corporations and businesses who will do most of the hiring of the unemployed.

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And without even a hint at cutting any spending anywhere in the budget? Republicans will tell Biden he can take his bipartisanship and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

But time is running out for the Democrats. They now have less than two years to transform America, given the probability that one or both houses of Congress will flip in 2022.

What’s more, they have to put in place programs and regulations that will embed themselves so deeply into the American economy that removing them will be painful and difficult. One need only look at Obamacare as an example of what a determined Democratic Party can do in that respect.

If Biden were really and truly interested in “bipartisanship,” he would concentrate his efforts on passing some kind of infrastructure plan that would be a mix of public and private investment, paid for with a small rise in the gas tax. That would bring a lot of Republicans to the table because both sides agree we need to invest heavily in our crumbling infrastructure.


The point being, there are other ways to do this without busting the budget and adding to the national debt. But there’s far more in this plan than simply patching the potholes or fixing a few bridges. Infrastructure is an excuse. This is a stealth method of passing much of the Green New Deal, and solving “wealth inequality” by “investing” in “underrepresented communities.”

It’s dishonest politics on a massive scale that even a drunken sailor would protest.

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