'Vial of Death': Farrakhan Spins Vaccine Conspiracy Theories on Social Media

M. Spencer Green

One thing commonly seen throughout history during a pandemic are the hucksters, scam artists, snake oil salesmen, and other low lifes crawling out from underneath the floorboards to sell us the latest “miracle cure” or, as in the case of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, “the Truth.”


Telling us the coronavirus is a punishment from God is stale. Farrakhan had to go one better and claim the COVID vaccines on the market today are just another means being used by the government to eliminate black people. Farrakhan said in a speech for his “Savior’s Day” rally that the vaccine was a “vial of death” and that the vaccine was “death itself.”

Videos of his speech appeared on Facebook and Twitter, despite both companies having policies against vaccine disinformation.

Daily Caller:

“By rushing so fast to get something out, bypassing normal steps in a true vaccine, now God is going to turn your vaccine into death in a hurry,” Farrakhan said at the end of a plenary session held on Saturday.

“It is death itself, created by what you call ‘Warp Speed,’” Farrakhan also said, referring to the U.S. government’s project, Operation Warp Speed, to develop a vaccine for the virus.

Farrakhan also took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government’s top epidemiologist, saying that he has sought to make money on the vaccine, which he referred to as a “vial of death.”


Last year, Farrakhan accused Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates of trying to create a vaccine to “depopulate the earth.” No half measures when you get Bill Gates involved in anything, that’s for sure.

The entire “Savior’s Day” program was dedicated to spreading lies and disinformation about the vaccine. The opening speaker for the event, Nation of Islam minister Ava Muhammad, suggested the government uses the vaccine for population control.

She also cited statistics from a prominent anti-vaccination conspiracy group that claimed the current vaccines have caused hundreds of deaths and serious injuries.

“The overarching goal is to cull the population of our planet by 2-3 billion,” said Muhammad.

“Why?” she asked rhetorically.

“Because white people see their numbers going down, and the numbers of indigenous people, black, red and brown, going up,” she continued. “In this climate, what can we expect from a vaccine unlike anything previously made?”

It should be pointed out that there’s a germ of truth in Farrakhan’s claims about the government targeting black people. Throughout the 20th century, blacks were routinely used in medical experiments. Not only the famous Tuskegee case of allowing blacks with syphilis to go untreated until hundreds had died slowly and painfully, but several other instances where blacks were specifically targeted in medical experiments, drug tests, and clinical trials. Given that history, it’s not surprising that many ordinary black people would distrust a vaccine created by the government, even though it could save their lives.


Most black people will overcome their reluctance and get vaccinated. But with hucksters and charlatans like Farrakhan spreading poisonous lies about the vaccine, many will not. Their blood will be on Farrakhan’s hands.

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