Biden Not Feeling the Love From Radicals for Refusing to Cancel $50K of Student Debt

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The radical left in Congress has been demanding that Joe Biden issue an executive order that would cancel up to $50,000 in student loan debt. On Tuesday, Biden told a CNN town hall, “I will not make that happen.”


Biden qualified his answer by saying “It depends on whether or not you go to a public university or a private university.” Biden would rather use federal dollars for early childhood education.

Biden said he didn’t want to cancel the debt of someone who went to Harvard or Yale because they make so much money after they get a degree and that he didn’t think he even had the constitutional authority to cancel $50,000 in debt. That was the wrong answer — at least according to The Squad. They’re all weighing in on Biden’s response.

ABC News:

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke out against Biden’s comments, tweeting, “Who cares what school someone went to?”

She argued generations of working-class kids are “encouraged to go into more debt under the guise of elitism,” adding, “This is wrong.”

She added that early childhood education doesn’t have to come as a trade-off to student loan forgiveness. “We can have both,” she said.

Other squad members are equally adamant about Biden’s heretofore unknown power to forgive a trillion dollars of debt — much of it private debt.

Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley also joined the conversation, claiming Biden does have the authority to cancel student debt “with the stroke of a pen.”

“He can and must use it. The people deserve nothing less,” she said.

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar similarly called out Biden, saying, “We also need to make college tuition-free so debt is not accumulated moving forward and invest in universal early education. These are not at odds!”


Biden is rightly hesitant about forgiving any debt. The president doesn’t have the authority to tear up private contracts, which is what a private loan actually is. The radicals can assure Biden all they want that he has the power to forgive that much in loans but the president’s lawyers — who actually know something about the law and the Constitution — say he doesn’t.

If I were Joe, I’d rely on my lawyers for legal advice and not a former cocktail waitress.

Senators Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren issued a statement also demanding immediate relief for former students.

“Presidents Obama and Trump used their executive authority to cancel student loan debt,” the statement continued.

“The Biden administration has said it is reviewing options for cancelling up to $50,000 in student debt by executive action, and we are confident they will agree with the standards Obama and Trump used as well as leading legal experts who have concluded that the administration has broad authority to immediately deliver much-needed relief to millions of Americans.”

“Broad authority” does not mean “unlimited” authority. Democrats on the Hill are in love with the concept of doing something gargantuan. Trillions of dollars more for COVID relief, free college, free health care, free this, that, and everything else. These are men and women of small minds and huge egos. They’re not only a danger to the taxpayer’s purse, but to individual freedom as well.

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