Pelosi Under Fire For Breaking Her Own Rules, Evading Metal Detectors When Entering House Chamber

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Last week, Democrats in the House passed a new rule that members had to go through a metal detector before they entered the House floor. The rule was passed because several Democrats expressed fear of armed GOP members, that some Republican congressmen would shoot them — accidentally or on purpose.


When several House members ignored the metal detectors and entered through what’s known as “the speaker’s lobby,” Pelosi began issuing fines for evading the metal detectors. Rep. Louis Gohmert was fined $5,000 after briefly leaving the floor to go to the bathroom.

But Pelosi herself is guilty of the exact same thing. Rep. Rodney Davis caught Pelosi entering through the speaker’s lobby while evading the detectors.

Fox News:

“She opened the session on the floor, she came through what is known as the Speaker’s lobby,” Davis said. “We are all told, one Republican was fined for doing this just yesterday, that you cannot walk through those entrances unless you are disabled.”

Pelosi’s office has not yet denied the account, despite requests for comment.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw was more direct. “Pay the fine, Speaker Pelosi,” he tweeted.

Crenshaw told Fox News Pelosi should pay the fine because her action was “against her own rules.”

“Now is this a smart rule? No. Is this a rule that makes sense? No of course not. But that’s not the point, the point is they’re her rules. She’s literally confiscated property in the form of money, which we think is unconstitutional, but in any case they’re doing it,” the Texas Republican continued.

“She won’t abide by the rules herself so we’re going to make a huge push for her to actually have to pay that fine,” Crenshaw said.


Davis called the Capitol Police to report the incident. The police are then supposed to send a report to the acting Sergeant-at-Arms, Timothy Blodgett, so he could issue the fine.

Guess what? The cops never reported the incident. “Capitol Police cannot only file reports of violations on Republicans and look the other way when the most powerful person in the House, the speaker, flouts her own rules,” Davis said.

Republicans sent a letter to Blodgett demanding he enforce the rule.

“Yesterday, at approximately 9:59 am, multiple members observed the Speaker of the House entering the House Chamber without completing security screening,” the Republicans wrote on Friday in a letter obtained by Fox News.

“What was observed was a clear violation of House Resolution 73 and you are required by House Rules to impose this fine. Please inform us once the fine has been assessed,” they continued. “We look forward to a prompt response to this inquiry.”

Pelosi is only the latest liberal to be caught. The lockdown has exposed the most nauseating kind of hypocrisy across the nation as liberal Democrats practice a “good for thee, not for me” attitude. Afterwards, they’re always apologetic and beseech the public to forgive them. Otherwise nothing changes.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler sent a “stay at home” message to his constituents while vacationing in Mexico. California Governor Gavin Newsom had dinner — maskless — with his rich friends while the rest of the state suffered through a lockdown. Other California Democrats flew to Hawaii to attend a “policy conference.” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo flew to Georgia to attend an event in his honor — also maskless.


Is it elitism? Or liberal arrogance? Dan Crenshaw had some thoughts.

“When you’re a liberal there’s a propensity for action, even if that action is not effective,” Crenshaw said of the House floor’s new metal detectors and the fine for bypassing them. “There’s a propensity for virtue-signaling even when that signaling is not effective.”

It’s not a question if it’s effective or not. It’s what makes you feel good. And the heroic self-image many liberals have of themselves is stroked and coddled by the idea that they don’t need to obey the same rules as everyone else because they’re better than the rest of us.

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