Pelosi Calls Armed Republican Congressmen the 'Enemy' Within

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At her weekly press conference, Speaker Nancy Pelosi once again raised the possibility that Republicans who bring a gun to the House floor want to murder Democrats.


Speaking about the need for additional security for House members, Pelosi specifically referenced Republicans who have “threatened violence” against Democratic members.

Fox News:

“We will probably need a supplemental [budget] for more security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives — a threat that members are concerned about in addition to what is happening outside,” Pelosi said during her weekly news conference Thursday at the Capitol.

When asked for clarification on what she means about the enemy within, Pelosi specifically called out fellow members of Congress.

“It means we have members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress,” Pelosi said.

First, it should be noted that it’s illegal to bring a gun to the House floor. Second, it’s also illegal to make threats of violence against a House member. Since no Democrats are calling for the arrest of any armed Republicans — who aren’t armed on the House floor — you have to conclude that Pelosi is fear-mongering for political purposes.

And it’s damned effective fear-mongering. It is in the Democrat’s political interest to keep the fear factor at a high level while the FBI arrests every “conspirator” they can find. They will keep the fear for the longest period of time possible, thinking it will damage Republicans to have people believe they’re capable of political murder on the House floor.


Some Democrats are concerned about security in their home districts, which makes sense considering how many people are threatening to kill them.

The letter obtained by Fox News asks House leadership for flexibility in using their office funds to hire local law enforcement to protect them while in their district and to purchase “security items” to keep them safe at home. They also want the House to allocate supplemental funds for security “given the increased threat level.”

The letter, led by Reps. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J., and Dean Phillips, D-Minn., also asks for regular security briefings, an independent review of security protocols, help to keep members’ personal addresses private and legal recourse when their private information is published without permission.

But Pelosi isn’t talking about security in their home districts. She is specifically addressing the “threat” from Republicans.

“This is very, very important,” Pelosi said of security concerns. “It shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be that not only is the president of the United States inciting an insurrection but keeps fanning the flames endangering the security of members of Congress to the point that they’re even concerned about members in the House of Representatives being a danger to them.”


Any Democratic congressperson triggered by the sight of a gun should retire. And since there are no guns on the House floor, they are safer there than they are while walking down the streets of some of the big cities they represent.

Any GOP member who has threatened violence against another member should be arrested under the federal statute for threatening bodily harm against a federal officeholder. But there are no arrests and never will be because Pelosi is lying and any Democrat who claims to have been physically threatened by a Republican member is lying.

But it’s great politics.

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